Saturday, June 17, 2017

JUNE 19 2017.....(MONDAY)

June 19, 2017 (Monday)
To The Worldwide Press/Media and To The Public:
1.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, hereby state that I, have never been prescribed pain killers.  I have “never” been prescribed Oxycotin/Oxycodone.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, do not—NOT—want to be “prescribed” Oxycotin/Oxycodone.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, after being “diagnosed” by New York physicians will “accept” for my “right arm” Ibuprofin or Moltrin. (I, Renee Ashley Baker, have not yet been “diagnosed” and still have to be seen by New York Mt. Sinai Hospital “Specialists”….).
2.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not—NOT—be meeting with (nor working with) JC Chasez (Backstreet ?). Piss on JC Chasez and Miley Cyrus. Both JC and Miley Cyrus can “go to jail”. (I, Renee Ashley Baker, will only “help” my relatives).
3.  You can read more about the precedent setting “civil damage amounts” set by comedian Tracy Morgan and newscaster Erin Andrews.


June 18, 2017

To DEA, ATF, FBI, US Marshalls, ICE, US Border Patrol, Texas Rangers, Metro Dade Florida Drug Task Force, 19th District Tenessee Drug Task Force, NOLA Police Dept, Homeland Security, All Interested U.S. Attornies, LAPD, and L.A. Sheriff’s Dept. 

This, is what Colorado Criminals are “still” trying to do:

1.  Help (aka “work for”) Italian organized crime .

(I believe the “Colorado Criminals” are trying to have a “gang” of “women criminals” who work with and work for Naples Italy. These “Napoli” are claiming to “represent”--to coerce/extort business-- for Prada, Dolce & Gabbanna, Versace, and Donald Basso. Hobos standing on “Denver street corners” saying the names Prada is “ridiculous” and “sad” but I believe them to be “serious”. (!!!)

2.  Help (aka work for) “Street Gangs” aka The Crips, The Bloods and those “Mexican gangs unknown to me”.

(I believe the “Colorado Criminals” are trying to “shakedown and muscle” entertainers; to “shakedown and muscle” talent agents and talent management; to “shakedown and muscle” movie studios and record labels, and finally to “shakedown and muscle” major corporations who they want to “provide” millions of dollars in “sponsorships”. They keep naming the same “corporations” over and over. Namely: PepsiCo, T-Mobile, Garmin, Dannon, General Mills, Samsung Pay, Nordic Trac and several other corporations.)

3.  Help (aka work for) “Drug Cartels” aka Sinaloa, Medillin, Juarez and the many “cartels” shown on the TV Show “Drugs Inc.”

(I was told—by a “stranger in Denver” --that it is the Medillin Drug Cartel that “still controls” Colorado. I was told by another “stranger in Denver” the the “Crips Street Gang” is BROKE !!!).

4. Help (aka work for) “Poor Colorado Trash” (aka “Poor Blue Collar Trash”) who are trying to “muscle and shakedown” corporations, and “racketeer”.

(One prime example of “typical” Colorado “racketeering” is the case against QUIZNOS CORP OF COLORADO.  This “racketeering” involved “criminal activity” by PepsiCo, Kraft Foods Inc and Tyson Foods Inc. 

The facts:

PepsiCo, Kraft Foods Inc and Tyson Foods Inc. allowed QUIZNOS CORP OF COLORADO to set up a “middleman company” that “gouge” it’s own “Quiznos Franchisees” with high “supplier mark up” after QUIZNOS CORP OF COLORADO had already paid “low supplier prices”. This “scheme” caused thousands of “Quiznos Franchisees” to “file bankruptcy”.  This “scheme” by QUIZNOS CORP OF COLORADO to “make money on supplying it’s Franchisees” (instead of making money at the cash register selling sandwiches !!!).

 Sound familiar ?  Trying to “make money” by “PADDING” the “movie production payroll” instead of making the money at the Box Office -- in the movie Theatre (???). Anyway, in December of 2012 a “civil lawsuit” was filed against QUIZNOS CORP OF COLORADO under the COCCA / Colorado Organized Crime Control Act. (The “Quiznos Franchisees” were the “Plaintiffs” and the words “strong arm” and “sham” were actually used in the lawsuit…!!!).

The Target in 2017:

I believe, the “Colorado Criminals” have “targeted” certain businesses for “Initial Public Offerings”.  Since 2003 I have been “verbally harassed, coerced and duressed” by Colorado Criminals to “go get money” from hedgefunds and investment bankers. (I refused to “go get this money” and of course I will continue to say “NO”).

I believe, the “Colorado Criminals” are targeting “WOMEN’S BUSINESSES” for IPO’s.  I believe these “Colorado Criminals” are targeting: “Marchessa, Fabletica, Goop, Tamara Ovitz new company, Christie Brinkley’s QVC/HSN company, and now Angela Bassets cosmetic company.

I, Renee Ashley Baker, have NO INTEREST in the “women’s businesses” I just named above and I, Renee Ashley Baker will not use, nor buy, nor work for these “women’s businesses”….


(I, Renee Ashley Baker, am also NOT a “singer” (nor concert performer) and I, Renee Ashley Baker, have “no interest in appearing on television”….). There is “no way” I, Renee Ashley Baker, am going to “front” an “entertainment company” after the “Colorado Criminals” have Insulted, Harassed, and Threatened me….However—IF-IF—I, Renee Ashley Baker can, I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “help my relatives” launch their “careers in the entertainment industry”….)


This post is probably the “last time” I’ll be able to tell “Law Enforcement” and “The Media/Newspapers” what “criminal activity” is going on in Colorado (in Denver, Englewood, Aurora and maybe Colorado Springs).  The “last time” because—I will be “filing a lawsuit” and my lawyers will probably temporarily “take down” this Blog.

(All evidence mentioned on this “Blog” (—some 1700 video and audio recordings of Perps “committing crimes” plus evidence of Perps atttempting “I.D. Theft) will be used in my lawsuit against NAVRE ORG PENSION FUND, Centennial Property Management LlC, Archdiocese of Denver and Archdiocese Housing of Denver.)