Tuesday, May 30, 2017



Because of the "mentally ill" Denver Perps  I, the Victim, have to say that "Clint Eastwood's Mother Is  A Whore"......(No David Valdez will not !!!).  No to Eunice and No to BET. And Piss On Christie Brinkley's cosmetics and Piss On Christie Brinkley's Proseco.


June 12, 2017 (Monday)

To The Worldwide Press/Media:

Re: Lawsuit Against Archdiocese of Denver and Archdiocese Housing of Denver.

1. From March 2016 – May 30, 2017 I, the Victim, made over 500 “audio recorded evidence” of:

(a)   Verbal Stalking by Residents.

(b)   Verbal Coercion and Extortion by Residents.

(c  Verbal Sexual Harassment by Residents.

2.  As you know there has been a monetary damages “precedent set” in the Erin Andrews “stalking case” of $55 Million Dollars.

3. I, the Victim, am seeking from Archdiocese of Denver:

(a)    $30 million dollars (“compensatory”)for “physical injury”. And

(b)    $250 million dollars (“punitive”) for “financial injury”.


June 2, 2017 (Friday)

To DEA, ATF, FBI, US Marshall Service, U.S. Border Patrol, 19th District Tennessee Drug Task Force, Metro Dade Florida Drug Task Force, Homeland Security, LAPD/Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department.

TO Federal Law Enforcement and Municipal Law Enforcement “Cyber Crime Units”.


 1. The “Resident/Perps” are now “verbally harassing, verbally stalking, and verbally threatening” in order to “protect” a man who they say is a “drug dealer” (in apartment #1014). 

2. Another of the Resident Perps” (in this same apartment building) is claiming to be the “supplier” (the “source”) for the “drug dealer” (in apartment #1014).

3.  Another 3-5 of the “Resident/Perps”  are “claiming” (“saying”) that they are “sex offenders and pedophiles” on the “Dark Web”.  So, I suspect these 3-5 “sex offenders” have “computers” and “personal internet” (in this same apartment building).

4. I’ve been told (by several people in the city of Denver) that the Residents (at the apartment building in question) are “dope runners” and “filthy creeps” (aka “sex offenders”).
5. Back in 2014/2015 a “meth lab” was found (at the apartment building in question).  And KNOW that it is this “apartment building in question” where the “Resident/Perps” are claiming to have the “business” of ICM/Dana Sims, of Pepsi Corp, of Nordic Trac, of Johnny Depp, of Tom Cruise, of Charlize Theron, of Miley Cyrus, of T-Mobile Corp, of Comcast/Universal/NBC/Decca, and now these “Resident/Perps” (aka “filthy creeps” are claiming the “business” of Tamara Ovitz’s shoe company (!!!)
 MEXICANS: I got “physically sick” fighting Colorado’s Mexicans (and fighting Colorado’s “mentally disable” and “cripple Atlantis community” that “bullied” Denver RTD.  Archdiocese Housing Staff and “Resident/Perps” are now trying to “coerce for” (steal for) Michael Bennet when I’ve already said “No to Michael Bennet” and I won’t be “handing anything to Michael Bennet”. (Senator Michael Bennet can “go to hell”…).

 LAWSUIT: As stated below a “lawsuit” will be filed against Archdiocese Housing of Denver, against Archdiocese of Denver and against Samuel Aquila(Archbishop of Denver); against NAVRE org and Centennial Property Management LLC; (And a “lawsuit” will be filed against HUD if—if—HUD doesn’t shut down/close down “the apartment building in question”.
***Audio Tape Recorded Evidence was made on 6/1/2017 and 6/2/2017.
*No to Tamara Mellon's junk (which is being coerced for by the "criminals" and "hobo trash" of Golden Spike Apartments !!!(I've decided to be "exclusively" Jimmy Choo. And "NO" to Nordic Trac !!!)

LAWSUIT AGAINST: (3 Defendants)
1.  NAVRE ORG & Centennial Property Management LLC.
For Injury and Financial Losses (2011-2015)
 Plaintiff Seeking:
  $90 million Compensatory
 $150 million Punitive
   $240 million sub-Total
2. Archdiocese Housing of Denver and Archdiocese of Denver.
  For Injury and Financial Losses (3/2016-5/2017)
Plaintiff Seeking:
 $30 million Compensatory
$250 million Punitive
$280 million dollars sub-Total

3. 45 Resident/Perps.
For Injury and Financial Losses (2011-2017)
Plaintiff Seeking:
$45 million Compensatory
$45 million Punitive
$90 million dollars sub-Total

1700 Audio Recordings of Crimes (4/2011-2/2016)
 500 Audio Recordings of Crimes (3/2016-5/2017)
Two formal HUD complaints (2008 and 2010)
Other Documentation
Medical Diagnoses

(above Centennial Prison in Colorado )

To Police Department "Fraud Units" and To Fraud Unit (F.B.I.).
Re: Resident “Perps” (Two Scammers).
Physical Description of Perps:
1. A Couple.

2. He: Dark Skinned. Hair: Black and Balding on top. He wears Black Horn Rimmed Glasses. He wears “Red Shirts”. His Ht: 5’5. His Build: Medium. His Nationality: Egyptian. (He may have a temp Visa).

3. She: May be the Mother of the Male Perp or she may be his Spouse. (Hair: Long gray wig ?).

4.  The Scam: These two “Perps” make the “Mark” (always a “She”) think that “She” has an “illness”. He, the “Male Perp” does a “phony medical procedure” then provides a “phony diagnosis”.  These two “Perps” make the “Mark” get money from a “rich relative” (or get money from their bank account) and give it to the “Perps” so that the “Perps” can keep the “illness a secret”.

(A “computer program” or a “phone app” and a “two way transmitter” may be used in this “Scam”).

5.  These Perps –this Couple--(These Two Creeps) are probably “Predator Sex Offenders” and may even be “Two Pedophiles”. If, this “Scam” or this “Couple” sounds “familiar” (to Law Enforcement) the “Couple”—the two “Perps” -- are now residing in one of the “apartment buildings” owned by Archdiocese Housing of Denver” (These “Two Perps” may be residing in apt 210, 211, 212 or 302, or 314).

Note: This is not one of my “fiction stories” this is something I was told is “actually being run” by some of the Resident/Perps—(aka “Criminals”)who “reside” in Archdiocese Housing Apartment Buildings.

Note 2: These “Two Perps” belong in Centennial Prison (the “crazy” prison !!!).

Sexual Harassment:

Property #1. http://www.archdiocesanhousing.org/about

Property #2.  https://www.apartmentratings.com/co/denver/golden-spike-apartments_303922660680219/

Property  #3:   http://www.narvre.info/