Friday, April 21, 2017


(above, Entertainment Industry Con Man Dana Giachetto)

April 26, 2017

To The FBI, U.S. Attorney and The Worldwide Press & Public
I still want the Archbishop in Colorado (Samual Aquila) to be “prosecuted” (investigated by a Grand Jury) if--IF—he does not agree to “shut down his embarrassing criminal enterprise” (aka the “apartment building in question).
I still expect to settle my civil case (through the U.S. Justice Department) for an amount of $90 million -$110 million dollars. (I, Renee Ashley Baker, will also be signing an agreement with the U.S. Justice Department whereby I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not “initiate” nor “accept” any "business dealings" with Universal,NBC,Decca, nor with Viacom/CBS/Paramount nor with ICM Talent Agency),
My brother, James, was “everything to me”.  My brother James served 28 years in the U.S. Air Force, my brother James did “secret work” for the U. S. Secret Service, and my brother James worked many, many years “for the city of New York”. My brother James would be horrified at the “distress” and “injury” that Colorado has put upon his family. I, Renee Ashley Baker, cannot wait to move “permanently” to New York and then on to France.
P.S. I don’t want nor need Oprah Winfrey’s help.  Almost every week there are “Blacks” on Dr. Phil that could use “life grants” or “educational grants” from Oprah Winfrey and her “billion dollar fortune”.
April 23, 2017

Re: QEZ 937 (and Other Suspects)

To: FBI, DEA, ATF, U S Marshal Service, 19th Circuit Tennessee Drug Task Force, Metro Dade County Florida Drug Task Force, Homeland Security, NOLA Police Department and LAPD: 

I have been watching the TV Show "Drugs Inc" (on John Walsh Justice Network).  This "confirms" that "they" (the dope runners and drug dealers) need  "entertainers" to sell to.

    2.  The Perps and Suspects identified on this webpage (who reside under the "harboring, aiding and abetting" of  Archdiocese Housing of Denver have continued to "extort, coerce, threaten, and sexually harass".  They've also continued to "claim"  corporations such as "Pepsi and Prada".  Now, one of the Perps has threatened to have his "brother" get on a plane and fly to St. Louis and to New York. (To do something assaulting ?).  I am adding pages 9 and 8 below and will continue to "identify" until the "criminals" have been arrested.

To ATF, DEA, FBI (in Los Angeles and in Chicago) , U.S. Marshalls Service,  U.S. Border Patrol, Texas Rangers, Homeland Security, LAPD, NOPD:
Re: 88 New Names Below (On The “Suspects” List):
The yet un-arrested “Perps” are still “verbally coercing”  for agent Dana Sims, for Pepsi Corporation, for Forest Whitacker, for Janet Jackson, for Latifah,  for Pitbull, for Charlize Theron,  for Miley Cyrus, for the TV Show “The Voice” , for CBS Network and for many others that I have named (in a complaint) to the U.S. Justice Department. 
(Name)                            (DOB)
Thomas Jones              11/29
Thomas Worley           4/18
Walter Johns                12/03
Alexander Estrada        12/03
John Klulnder                12/05
Ronald Thompson          12/09
Daniel Abeyta                 12/09
Rita Abeyta                     12/23
Joe Duran                      12/24
Marielena Mroczko       12/29
Carol Joy Newcomb       12/30
Jami Florida                    12/30
Elmer Marsh                   12/29
Lucille Dater                     12/18
Danielina Comacho           12/11
Steven Huey                       12/18
Clea Miller                          12/18
Andrew Lurie                     12/19
Carole Veith                       12/21
Ruben Rodriquez              3/24
Rita Abeyta                       12/23
(continued below)
Viola Ambrosio             1/05

Weldon McCoy              2/09

Jeff Konkel                           

Anne Duong                    4/14

Diana Vanterpool             5/02

Melvin Frame                  12/14

Shirley Brink                    4/04

Paula Gray                              

  Ramon Chavez                    7/21

Frank Deherera               6/03

Ann Yragui                     5/31

Shirley Smith                   7/22

Kathryn Greenslade    1/06

Xue Dang                               

Dan Xu Liu                   1/17
Hang Shui Wong         10/08

Bruce Mickey                         

Bruce McCoy                         

Maria Munoz                      9/25

Beverly Hayhurst                      

Clarence Archuleta                   

Colleen Zarlengo                         

Paul Saldana                              

Belinda Balles                            

Helen Brown                     1/12 

Mary Renner                              

Viola Ambrosio              1/05

Kathleen Gonzales                   

Weldon McCoy           2/09

Jeff Konkel                
    Anne Duong                         
Michelle Cruz (former tenant)
Rita Sandoval                            
Adriana Ortega                          
Thomas Worley                         
James Watford                           
Carol Veith                                  
Andrea Chavez                            
Joyce  Marshall               9/20
June Lease                      4/02
Shirley Smith                  7/22
Theodore Salas              7/09
Teresa Macias               11/13
Morgan Summerfield       5/16
Burtail Banks                           
Rhonda Gould               4/26
Roy Fleming                   6/08
Virginia Stovall              6/03
Elizabeth Carreon          4/20
Arthur McClure             1/06
Angela Vigil                      10/01
Grisell  Algarin                3/02
Isaac Guss                         7/27
Catherine Paradise                      
Ruth Smith                                  
Timothy Quirk                    1/25
Jesse Losano                       1/27

Devett Johnson                   8/18
Ladetra Bowers                 7/08
Linh Nugyen                    11/01
Richard Pfenning            11/22
Mike Martinez                 9/25
Brian Mickley                   9/16
Judy Reneau                     5/02
Robert Vasquez              9/13
Brian Medina                         
Alejandra Guzman                   
Mario Arellano                  9/11
Adeline Hermosillo            10/17
Ronald Thompson            12/09
Andrew Lurie                    12/19
Dylan Kent                        3/19
Phung Vu                         11/26
Kendra Laird                             
  Edward Fajardo            3/27       
Vivian Brumley                         
Jessie Duran                        5/28
Nancy Stucky                     8/26
Danellina Comacho                    
Maria Perez                 
John Kllunder                  12/15
Bernadette Montoya        2/16
I. Medina                                  
Louis Gonzales                  6/15
Shelly Manzanares                  

Timothy Reneau                        
Randy Rippeth                        4/15  
plus New License Plate Numbers : 
963PAR,  508SYL, 565WNF/WVF (red suv)  
879YTX,   647JJG,   023YPO,   
751537K,   713WBE,   415VRT,  
138SXV/SXZ,   123SVR,   10693XS,
104WLG,   296RJF,   645SYR,     
045NYR, 078WDH, 4YZDS(Texas)
073TZT,   534VWF,   415VRT,
56URG, 179FLO/FLD,
097WNA, 344DTX(yellow),   861RDK,
327DXX,   944LJH(truck), 375OJZ (yellow jeep)


Tuesday, April 18, 2017



(Possible Sponsors ?  Above Kodak 360 Pan/Tilt Security Cam and Poloroid Snap Digital Instant Camera).

  When I was growing up in St.Louis Missouri my Mother had (in her home) every type and brand of camera. Including Kodak and Poloroid !!!.  READ ON.

April 20, 2017

To The Worldwide Press & Public:

The Bad News: I, Renee Ashley Baker, do have “nice things” to say about a “lot” of entertainers but I’ll never get to say these nice things because Colorado is trying to “bully” their names off of my “favorites list”.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, want the “Entertainment Industry” to know that Colorado’s Criminals actions “impair” the “creating” of “the work”.  (Today I, Renee Ashley Baker, was in a retail store and one of the shoppers recognized me and knowing about all the “complaining” I’m doing actually said that the State of Colorado has “no business” trying to “be with creative industries like the cinema”. That Colorado didn’t really care about “who has talent or not” (Really !!!).  I do know that Colorado is trying to “middle manage” California’s “entertainment industry” and I guess it’s because of the illegal “drug industry”.  I do know that Colorado is trying to “bother” New York talent and bother New York business  which, is why I, Renee Ashley Baker, will—will—be moving to New York City.
 ( I’m sick and tired of Colorado bothering me about Latifah and Monique. I want the “Studio Heads” to be aware that the “entertainment industry” is receiving “outside manipulations” that are definitly “effecting” the Studio Bottom Line—that are  definitly “effecting” the Movie Box Office).
Now The Good News: re: Lendell Ashley
I am hoping that Lendell Ashley (and his crew) will get a $4-10 million dollar contract with RCA (and that the Lendell Ashley Song Catalog will be valued at $3.6 million. (36 songs @ $100,000 each ?).

I, Renee Ashley Baker, have no “legal contract” with Jillian Hervey (nor with Universal Music nor with Universal Studios). And I must say this. However, Lendell Ashley is my talented relative who “did it all” with himself (and with his talented crew).  I, Renee Ashley Baker, want to see Lendell Ashley with a good manager and agent and lawyer (who’ll manage his copyrights and BMI registrations) and a good accountant who’ll value his song catalog at a minimum of $3,600,000 (The Artist Known As Prince, even in death, vigorously, defends the “value” of his “creative work”.). 
 I, frankly, don’t like what was done to the “once very popular” MC Hammer who was liked by “everyone” but who was forced by his record company (Universal/EMI) to lower his "family image" to the “gangsta-ness” of Death Row Records. (Today, I think MC’s second album –follow up album--sales would be considered “very successful”).
I, Renee Ashley Baker, want to help Lendell Ashley anyway I can but Lendell Ashley does not—NOT-- owe Renee Ashley Baker anything. (For some reason Colorado “criminals” want to walk around Denver talking about who owes what to whom when all this “owing talk” is a “farce, a fallacy, and an absolute lie”).  And even though it’s none of my business, I, Renee Ashley Baker, hope that Lendell Ashley does not sign with Universal Music company, or Universal EMI as I believe “lawsuits by Eminem and other recording artists” have “diminished” Universal Music coffers so that they “just don’t have the money” to promote and develop “new acts”. Putting on my “Executive Hat” I must say that I think “record companies” (especially “hiphop record labels”) are offering “rap artists” big money deals but in actuality are not paying out anywhere close.  The record industry now is so “broke” that the new deals (360 Deals) stipulate that the “record company” retain all revenues including merchandising from tshirts, caps, backpacks, keyrings etc until—UNTIL-- all “advances” from the record company have been “RECOUPED”.  I suspect that the only money “recording artists” are making is from “concerts revenues” (from the “concert gate”).
I, Renee Ashley Baker, “may” sign (in 2025 or 2035) an exclusive deal—exclusive contract—with Walt Disney Corporation that will pay me, Renee Ashley Baker, a fee of $50 million dollars per year. If I, Renee Ashley Baker, decide to do a “heist movie” I’ll do it for Mr. Robert Iger (and FOR Walt Disney Corp)to . Because I, Renee Ashley Baker, have no plans to “acquire” Jillian’s version I may ask Lendell Ashley and his crew (and maybe rapper “ODB”)to record a “remix” of “Don’t U Worry” (Baby I Got Your Money)”. The “heist movie” won’t be first however, it will be 10th or 12th on the Renee Ashley Baker “production slate”.
(I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “develop and produce” my story “SONS” as a motion picture at Walt Disney Corporation. But not—NOT—with Lee Daniels at Fox 31. In fact, I have no “projects” whatsoever with TV Producer Lee Daniels and have never even met TV Producer Lee Daniels. !!!).

Why are TV Personalities trying to “run” the movie business?
P.S.P.S. Still NO to Oprah Winfrey and NO to OWN Network (I, Renee Ashley Baker, will NOT be spending any “holidays” with Oprah Winfrey as I, Renee Ashley Baker, only “vacation” –only holiday—with MEN).

View Renee Ashley Baker’s Schedule Below:


Settling Renee Ashley Baker’s Civil Case for $90 million - $110 million dollars (for CP Irrevocable Trust and CP Irrevocable Real Estate Trust).

1a. Until 2025 Be Law Enforcement (on the Entertainment Industry if and when necessary).
This "pay to play" showbusiness is not--not--the right "showbusiness"  for Renee Ashley Baker.
1b.  Help if I can, to arrange “record label deal” (at RCA hopefully and/or SkeeLo Musik) for Lendell Ashley. Arrange a TV Special (for Lendell Ashley and Miguel) at ATT Direct TV or ATT/Warner Bros/HBO hopefully sponsored by Coca Cola, and/or Snapple, and/or Nestle, and/or Red Bull and/or Movado, and/or St. Ides, and/or Irish Spring Soap, and/or So Good Pistachios and/or RCA Tablet and/or ____.

Also for Renee Ashley Baker:

1.  2017 or 2018 The New York Times.

 A column to be written by Renee Ashley Baker called “Living and Loving (Dating) in New York City”.

2.  2017 or 2018 Parson School of Design.
Parsons School online classes (from NY Condo).

3.  2018 CP Industries (Launched in France)
Contracts signed with The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds (hopefully) for Erma French Perfume and Design, (Manly Man/Celtic Lion exclusively for Neiman Marcus, Irmagard Handbags exclusively for Tiffany & Co), ReneeAB9 Housewares exclusively for Roche Bobois, and Champagne Socialite Cocktails (for selected liquor stores around the world).
4.  2025 Walt Disney Corporation Deal.

Renee Ashley Baker will sign with Walt Disney corporation “exclusively”.

a. That Renee Ashley Baker will report to Walt Disney Executive Robert Iger.

b. That Renee Ashley Baker will be given—by Walt Disney Corporation --a “production office” –and a “production staff” on the Walt Disney lot (in Burbank).

c. That Renee Ashley Baker will work “exclusively” for The Walt Disney Corporation with duties to include: Executive Producing 20 Motion Pictures (minimum).

d. That Renee Ashley Baker will be given—by Walt Disney Corporation—MOVIE BUDGETS—from $30 - $80 million dollars per motion picture.

e. That Renee Ashley Baker can “Star” in the Lead in these motion pictures (or can “hire” lead actors and can “hire” supporting actors).

f. That Renee Ashley can “Write” motion pictures stories and screenplays (or can “hire” writers—from CAA).

That Renee Ashley Baker can “Compose Songs” for these motion pictures (or can “hire” songwriters and movie score composers). There will be “no music soundtracks”. 

That Renee Ashley Baker can “Direct” these motion pictures (or can “hire” movie Directors).

That Renee Ashley Baker can hire (have “final approval”) of all movie cast and crew for these motion pictures (both above and below the line).

That Renee Ashley Baker will “grant” to The Walt Disney Corporation any and all “copyrights” for these motion pictures.

That Renee Ashley Baker will “grant” to The Walt Disney Corporation any and all tradenames, trademarks, patents, licenses for these motion pictures (for any other Renee Ashley Baker project initiated under the dates of this contract 2025-2045 including but not limited to photography books by Renee Ashley Baker, Websites, Podcasts, clothing lines.

PROPOSED:  That Renee Ashley Baker will sign three seven year contracts with The Walt Disney Corporation.

April 19, 2017

   To The FBI, DEA, ATF, ICE, U.S. Marshals Service, 19TH Circuit Tennesee Drug Task Force, Metro Dade Florida Drug Task Force, NOLA Police Department, LAPD Gang Task Force, LAPD Entertainment Division.
1.  I am asking the U.S. Attorney to convene a Grand Jury to “indict” Colorado Archbishop Samual Aquila for “Aiding and Abetting” RICO Statute . , for “Harboring” Criminals and “Aiding and Abetting a Criminal Enterprise”.

2. I am also asking the U.S. Attorney to “Arrest and Prosecute” 45 Colorado Criminals (identified on this website by Name, DOB, and Vehicle License Plate Numbers.

3. License Plate Numbers (5 numbers) below to be Investigated as “Dope Runners” “Gang Members” and “Sex Offenders” (who have been trying to “shake down” the movie studios and the record companies in Los Angeles.

  June 08 17 A604 078 (grey Volvo)….
   IQQ 056 (black truck),
  512 ZEZ (tan/beige suv)
  TEXAS/LIC: DFS 9390.
  CO/LIC: 713 WBE (white car).

4.Renee Ashley Baker's answer will remain “NO to Universal Studios”. No to NBC, No to Decca,(No to “The Voice”, No to Miley Cyrus a “dirty little roach”, No to Gwen Stefani).
  “NO to CBS/Paramount”. No to Oprah Winfrey, No to OWN Network, Piss on Gale Hurd and No to Arnold Schwarzneggar. No to Julia Roberts, No to Michelle Pfeiffer,  No to Charlize Theron and No to Ludacris, No to Jodie Foster, No to that “BD” Sharon Stone (Sharon Stone is not—not –going to direct any Renee Ashley Baker motion picture). NO to Diana Ross. No to Diana Ross’s daughter Tracy. No to Jill Scott. No to Latifah. No to Remy Ma, No to Janet Jackson. No to The Jacksons.

(Dana Sims will “go to prison”)

NO to Wendy Williams TV Show, No to CBS’s “The Talk”, and NO to Whoopi Goldberg.

No to that “Black Women’s TV Industry”.

No to Demi Lovato and No to Selena Gomez. (Two DOGS). No to Robert DeNiro, No to Brad Cooper, No to George Clooney (who still “can’t act”). No to Forest Whitacker, No to Idris Elba and No to Anton Fuqua.

5. View Renee Ashley Baker’s Schedule Below: