Friday, August 19, 2016


(top photo a scene from the movie "RoboCop"; bottom photo a scene from the real time video "Drive Through Detroit At Night"....lol)


August 25, 2016  

To The Worldwide Media & Public:

This "dirty cowtown" (called Denver Colorado) has done just about enough.  Colorado's "new criminals" (the underground) are trying to "move into" (muscle into) big business such as "real estate development" , "retailing" and the "entertainment industry".  These "new criminals" are made up of Crips/Bloods, Mexican Drug Cartel/Juarez, those "from the jails" and homeless (hobos) who are "drug dealers" and "dope runenrs" .  These "new criminals" are trying to "control" what goes on inside the "movie studios" by influencing the "talent pool" and by "running over/steam rolling over " the power of the movie studio "Execs" to "discover" and to"promote" the next "Big Star".  The "dope runners of Denver" want to "influence" who will and who won't "work in the entertainment industry" and these Colorado Criminals want to influence who will and who won't "become a STAR"....!!!  

About Mexicans:   

The Mexicans in Colorado still aren't "Americans"; they are trying to "take over America" with an "illegal economy" and a red/white/green flag !!!

Addendum About Renee Ashley Baker:

  If, I, Renee Ashley Baker, decide to "work in the entertainment industry"  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will only work for Walt Disney Corp, for 20th Century Fox and for Sony /Columbia.  I, Renee Ashley Baker,  plan (in 3-5 years) to sign a 20 year deal (a contract) with The Walt Disney Corporation whereby  $50 million dollars  would  be paid each year, by The Walt Disney Corporation,  to CP Irrevocable Trust over a period of 20 years.... 

Renee Ashley Baker, would be Executive Producer, Star, Writer and Director on 20 Walt Disney Studio motion picture projects.

" A 19 Year Prison Sentence ? " 

 August 22, 2016 (Monday)

To The F.B.I. To The Worldwide Media & Public

 What are Colorado's Criminals always talking about ?  Now, they are about to put Jared Leto, and Ashton Kutcher in jail.  Colorado's Criminals (poor/Mexican/Juarez/RTD Driver/Crips/Bloods) are talking about 19% interest (19% interest for Renee Ashley Baker to get  a loan from Jared and Ashton ?)  

2.   Colorado's Criminals are now saying that I, Renee Ashley Baker, would be paying 19% interest to get my $90 million dollar "out of court settlement".  What does this mean !!!  What Colorado means is 19 years in "prison" for Alex, and for Jared and Ashton because I, Renee Ashley Baker, have no intention of "borrowing money" from Jared, nor from Ashton, nor from Arnold Schwarzwenegger. ( I, Renee Ashley Baker, am getting my $90 million dollar settlement through the U.S. Justice Department).  

3.  Re: Rothschild Bank 
 I, Renee Ashley Baker, will--will-- be getting a mortgage (for my France house) from Rothschild Bank....(so what do I need money from "vc" and "ipo" for ?

4.  Re:  Home Invasion

Partial "NO" List:

No to that "Calabasas Ghetto Bunch" (from California).

1.  No to Jada's kids. (No to Will Smith).
2.  No to Jared, No to Ashton.
3.  No to Chris (Colorado's Criminals keep saying Chris but which Chris?  Tucker(Crips) ?  Brown (Bloods)?
4.  No to CBS/Paramount, No to Universal/Decca, No to ICM.
5.  No to Melanie Griffith.
6.  No to Julia Roberts, No to Charlize Theron. No to Susan Sarandon.
7.  No to Madonna's music label.  
8.  No to Oprah Winfrey and hell no to  Gayle King.

fyi:  Black "movies" don't have "legs" overseas.  Black movies "fail" at the Box Office in Europe and therefore can't produce the "monetary bottom line" the movie studio "bean counters" require.
-------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------
                                         (and "NO" to 19%)

Denver Police are  letting "drug dealers" work out in the open in Denver.  Denver has, since the 1980's,  been a "hub" for  Mexican "drug cartels".  Which, is why, every dirty "hobo" bum walking around Denver is "talking about Los Angeles" and talking about the "entertainment industry" like they--Colorado--is "running Los Angeles".  Denver's "drug dealers" (aka dope runners) are trying to "favor" the entertainment industry celebrities that "use drugs"....It's like a "network" that claims to "lead back to Los Angeles".  (It has been reported on Denver news programs that the bums (the hobos) holding up signs around Denver are actually "drug dealers"....)  

VIEW NEWS VIDEO/READ STORY:  http://kdvr.com/2016/06/20/heroin-use-and-drug-deals-happen-in-the-open-on-cherry-creek-trail/

I, Renee Ashley Baker, have named CBS Network (and 8 others) in a complaint to the U.S. Justice Department....

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016



(photo above courtesy of ABC News)


 (In The Mind Of The Prosecutor)

The Criminal Mind:  Shrewd and Skilled 

    Think back, if you will, to the "mindlessness and innocence" of the "flower power/love generation" of the 1960's  and how the shrewed skilled "mind" of a killer could easily have come right in and  "invaded upon" our  innocence like a "bulldozer" invades upon a building.  How, a "stalker mind" could wait, unnoticed and unseen,  in the bushes (or behind a tree) and then "surprise !"  pounce, rape and murder Martha Moxley.  Know-- that this "Shrewed Skilled  Stalker" murders faster than a "murderous minute".  ("MM" stands for Martha Moxley and for "murderous minute").

     2.    These Shrewed Skilled Stalkers do --did--work fast.  (Think Speck, The Boston Strangler, Ted Bundy, and the murderous team of Henry "Lee" Lucas and Otis "Elwood" Toole). 

3.   I, am, "right now" sitting in a city (Denver Colorado) that I discovered "hates and resents" the Kennedy family.  And this, is something that didn't recently discover but which I discovered several years ago and at that time  I, immediately "told this" to U.S. Senator Edward Moore Kennedy.  

4.  There is something else I discovered several years ago and I should have, at that time, told somebody.  It is something "odd" but "odd" is what validates the legal concept of "reasonable doubt" does it not ?  

5.  So let's begin:  isn't it odd that three President "attackers" have a connection to Colorado?   Sara Jane Moore/Lynette Fromme who shot at President Ford; and John Hinkley who shot at President Reagan.  So, can your investigators check something ?  Can they check the name "Littleton" ?  (which can be found in the Moxley murder).  Check the name "Littleton" for connections to "Littleton Colorado" (and any other "Littleton" place located in the United States including the states of Missouri and Tennessee and Texas).  

6.  Can you please check (run) Martha Moxley's DNA in the "CODIS" data base to see if some possible match could have been entered in the past 10 years? 

 7.  Can you allow some of the many "secret" cold case investigative groups to put "fresh eyes" on this case?  (I, myself, cannot do so as I have, had a "physical set back" --for the time being--that prevents my operating at "optimum"). 

 8.  Can you maybe even "offer a cash reward" for any information leading to the "capture and conviction" of the Martha Moxley murderer? 

 9.  Can you ( because he --Michael Skakel-- is a member of a family plagued by "odd occurences") please not--NOT--retry this case?  Not retry it on the premise that there is most likely an "oddity" (aka a "reasonable doubt") somewhere in this case too.....
 Renee Ashley Baker

 Robert F Kennedy's McCllen Commision