Thursday, October 27, 2016

Yes To A "Senate" Investigation...(plus message to Warren below)


 Because "Annie" (and Miss M) were threatened by Colorado RTD employees  and Colorado public library employees "piss on Pepsi" and there will be a "Senate" Investigation....

October 27, 2016

To The F.B.I. and To Variety, To The Hollywood Reporter, To Hollywood Foreign Press Association:

   Re: Leo DiCaprio Fired

   Because Denver Colorado is still trying to "run/boss" Renee Ashley Baker's business.....Renee Ashley Baker is hereby "firing" Leo DiCaprio. Renee Ashley Baker is hereby "firing" Leo's and Denver's "Mexican Director".   Renee Ashley Baker will "cast" instead Tom Hanks or Harrison Ford in the "story"  and Renee Ashley Baker will "hire" the "director" of her choice which may be Tom Hanks or may be Mel Gibson or Jean Francois Richet, or Warren Beatty or Bennet Miller.  Renee Ashley Baker will remain "Executive Producer" of this "story".  

    This "story" --which will no longer cast Leo DiCaprio-- will be made into a motion picture at Walt Disney Corporation--under Renee Ashley Baker's "proposed" exclusive contract....and will hopefully star Harrison Ford or Tom Hanks ....in the year 2020...)

              Renee Ashley Baker's Plans

1.  Re: Monetary Settlement
    Renee Ashley Baker will receive a $90 million dollar-- $140 million dollar "out of court" civil settlement to be negotiated and "overseen by" the U.S. Attorney (for Colorado).  

2.  Re: Renee Ashley Baker's Recovery 2016-2019 (3-5 years in NYC).
    During this 3-5 years Renee Ashley Baker will "work for" CP Industries (which with The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds owns Erma French Perfume and Design, Digital Wallpaper, Celtic Lion/Manly Man and ReneeAB9 Furniture/Housewares  and....Champagne Socialite Cocktails). 

 3.  Re: New York Times Column (by Renee Ashley Baker)  
     Renee Ashley Baker would like to write a "column" for the New York Times during 2017-2019 called "Luxelife: Living and Loving in NYC". 

 4.  U.S. Senate Investigation
     Also during 2017-1019 I, Renee Ashley Baker, will "insist" on an investigation by the U.S. Senate Organized Crime Committee into Colorado's Juarez/Crip/Blood/Mexican/Organized Crime/Squaw Village Racketeering/Extortion/Shakedown of the Los Angeles "Entertainment Industry". 

 5.  Re: After 2019 (Men Only)
      I, Renee Ashley Baker, have been pregnant three  times by three white(three Cacucasian Men) and I, Renee Ashley Baker, have "no intention" of "working with" (nor for) "Squaw Village".  If--I, Renee Ashley Baker, decide to work in the "entertainment industry" (starting in 2019 or 2020) then  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will "work" as follows:  

  A. First:  Renee Ashley Baker will "star in" "Diehard" with Bruce Willis (at 20th Century Fox) or I, Renee Ashley Baker will "star in" "James Bond" (at Sony/Columbia). 

 B. Second:  Walt Disney Corporation with Tom Hanks or Harrison Ford.  
     I,  Renee Ashley Baker will "star" opposite Tom Hanks or Harrison Ford in the story (in the "motion picture") that I, Renee Ashley Baker had previously "cast" Leo DiCaprio in.  Leo DiCaprio will "no longer" act in this "story".  (Again Denver Colorado is the reason).  

 6.  Re: The Walt Disney Corporation Contract
  I, Renee Ashley Baker, have "proposed" to sign an "exclusive" production (and limited personal service)s "agreement"  with The Walt Disney Corporation; Whereby:  

  (a)  Renee Ashley Baker will "Executive Produce, Write and Star In" motion pictures.  (Renee Ashley Baker will not--NOT--produce nor "act in" any Television Shows).
  (b) Renee Ashley Baker will be granted approval of all motion picture "cast" "director" "cinematographer" "production crew".  
  (c)  Renee Ashley Baker will spend 3 years (not 18 months) on "motion picture development".
  (d)  Renee Ashley Baker will "retain" "independent" legal counsel and "independent" talent agency representation (hopefully CAA exclusively).
  (e) Renee Ashley Baker will grant to The Walt Disney Corporation exclusive rights to "all" Renee Ashley Baker "created projects" (including intellectual properties, stories, screenplays; characters, trademarks, patents and "merchandise licenses"). 

 In EXCHANGE for a-e above:
(f)  Renee Ashley Baker will be "paid"by The Walt Disney Corporation $50 million a year for a 20 year period.
(g)  Renee Ashley Baker will not--not--be required to "attach" music soundtracks (only movie music scores by bonafied movie score composers).
(h)  Renee Ashley Baker will be "provided" production offices on the Walt Disney lot that "meet" the "specifications" of Renee Ashley Baker.
(i) No to New York Theatre (No to Broadway).  No to Television/No to Netflix.  

 MESSAGE:  To Warren Beatty:  

   I, Renee Ashley Baker, am  glad to hear that you are "finally" going to play Howard Hughes.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, hope you play Howard as the "greatest test pilot" that ever lived.....

  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will put my "proposed" motion picture for you (and 20th Century Fox) "on the shelf". 

 I, Renee Ashley Baker, realize that I have cost the "movie industry" (cost the "entertainment industry" ) at least $1 billion dollars a year since 2004.  (2003 is when I got back to Denver Colorado and I've been fighting "organized crime" here ever since....).  

 P.S.P.S.  Homely Meryl Streep will NOT....

Below Renee Ashley Baker's New York Residence and France Residence

Monday, August 15, 2016

October 27, 2016 : Piss on Gale's/Gail's/Gayle's .... New Suspects Names and Vehicles Added Below ( Plus Charlize Theron will "go to jail" Chris Brown will "go to jail too". No to Jada Pinkett, No to CBS. (plus No a TV Show ).


(the above photographed need to "shut their sick harassing threatening mouths" while riding on "public transportation")

 October 21, 2016 

 To U.S. Justice Dept, To F.B.I, To DEA, To ATF, To U.S. Marshalls Service and To Homeland Security....  

Take note (download) the photos above and below.  Colorado--since 2004 --has been trying to "duress, threaten, intimidate" me into letting them "have/use/own" a "movie studio"/"movie production company" / "music record label" using the "creative work" of Renee Ashley Baker.  The "Colorado Criminals" have been trying to "make me/force me" to "shill/front" for an "entertainment company" that they (the Crips/Bloods, Italian Organized Crime, Mexican Drug Cartels, Hobos) could "get money from".  However, I, Renee Ashley Baker, have refused to "pass money" and refused to help Colorado "shake down the entertainment industry".  

 2.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, have cost the "entertainment industry"  $ 12 Billion Dollars (one billion dollars a year over the past 12 years; since 2004.).  However, I, Renee Ashley Baker, plan to "cost" the enertainment industry another $12 Billion Dollars because I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not--NOT--do what these Colorado Criminals tell me to do.  (I, Renee Ashley Baker) refused to "pay bills"....

3.  These "Colorado Criminals" are now--now --trying to pretend that what they've been "doing" (since 2004) isn't "organized crime" (but it has been "organized crime" aka RICO Statute crimes !!!). 
 The crimes have been "conspiracy" and have also been :
 (a) "attempts" to extort Warner Bros, Universal, Decca, and CBS/Paramount.  
(b).  "attempts" to "extort" "music record labels". 
(c) "attempts" to "extort" the creative/intellectual properties of Renee Ashley Baker. (Including the Renee Ashley Baker Song Catalog").  

4. re: Link To Videos (Videos for U.S. Attorney, FBI, DEA, ATF, U.S. Marshalls Service)

  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be sending--emailing-- a "link" to "video evidence"--TODAY.  

5.  Re: Civil Case  There is a "criminal case" (RICO) and there is a "civil case".
  No to Universal Studios, No to ICM, No to CBS Network, No to Paramount Studios and No to Showtime. No to Madonna. No to David Geffen. No to Interscope. No to Tidal. No to all "TV Shows".  And still "NO" to Colorado's CAPO John Elway.

These "POOR" Colorado Criminals have made me "physically sick" and I, Renee Ashley Baker, expect the U.S. Attorney to settle my civil case for $90 million -$140 million dollars. (This $90 million-$140 million dollars will be deposited into CP Irrevocable Trust and paid out at $ 1 million dollars a year over 50 years....)

October 13, 2016  


To DEA, ATF, U.S. Marshall Service,  The U.S. Attorney, To FBI and To Homeland Security,  To Texas Border Patrol,

(in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, New Orleans, and Denver)  

I, Renee Ashley Baker, am not--NOT--for hire.  (Only J. Edgar Hoover can be Renee Ashley Baker's boss).  Meaning, still "NO" to Colorado Criminal's "entertainment company". (No to Jada Pinkett's and Miley Cyrus TV Shows because I, Renee Ashley Baker, "refuse" TV).

The yet "un-arrested" and "hiding" Perps continue to "extort/coerce" money from (and for) the "entertainment industry".  These "Perps" claim to be Crips/Bloods/Italian Organized Crime/ Mexican-Juarez Cartel "Dope Runners".  (They are also "Stalkers & Sex Offenders").  They have "coerced" money and jobs for Charlize Theron, Jada Pinkett, Lindsey Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Chris (Tucker/Brown), Jack Nicholson (why?), Dennis Quaid, Nicholas Cage, Indina Minzel (they "hate" Barbra but have "continuously coerced" for Indina because she is/was with a "black man").  They have "coerced" money and jobs for 50 Cent,   Kanye West, Tyga, BET, Sean P Diddy Combs, Rihanna, CBS TV/Paramount, Universal/MCA/Decca, ICM clients and other "celebrities with known drug addictions or street gang associations".  

 I want "phone records" obtained (subpoenaed) for each vehicle owner(aka "Suspect") below.

 21 NEW SUSPECT VEHICLES BELOW  (Plus 88 New Suspects Names Below)

(No License Plate Number On Vehicle Above)

 88 New Names On The Perp/Suspect List:

(Name)                            (DOB)

Thomas Jones              11/29
Thomas Worley           4/18
Walter Johns                12/03
Alexander Estrada        12/03
John Klulnder                12/05
Ronald Thompson          12/09
Daniel Abeyta                 12/09
Rita Abeyta                     12/23
Joe Duran                      12/24
Marielena Mroczko       12/29
Carol Joy Newcomb       12/30
Jami Florida                    12/30
Elmer Marsh                   12/29
Lucille Dater                     12/18
Danielina Comacho           12/11
Steven Huey                       12/18
Clea Miller                          12/18
Andrew Lurie                     12/19
Carole Veith                       12/21
Ruben Rodriquez              3/24
Rita Abeyta                       12/23
Viola Ambrosio             1/05
Weldon McCoy              2/09
Jeff Konkel                            
Anne Duong                    4/14
Diana Vanterpool             5/02
Melvin Frame                  12/14
Shirley Brink                    4/04
Paula Gray                               
  Ramon Chavez                    7/21
Frank Deherera               6/03
Ann Yragui                     5/31
Shirley Smith                   7/22
Kathryn Greenslade    1/06
Xue Dang                                
Dan Xu Liu                   1/17
Hang Shui Wong         10/08
Bruce Mickey                          
Bruce McCoy                          
Maria Munoz                      9/25
Beverly Hayhurst                       
Clarence Archuleta                    
Colleen Zarlengo                          
Paul Saldana                               
Belinda Balles                             
Helen Brown                     1/12  
Mary Renner                               
Viola Ambrosio              1/05
Kathleen Gonzales                    
Weldon McCoy           2/09
Jeff Konkel                           
Anne Duong                          
Michelle Cruz (former tenant)
Rita Sandoval                             
Adriana Ortega                           
Thomas Worley                          
James Watford                            
Carol Veith                                   
Andrea Chavez                             
Joyce  Marshall               9/20
June Lease                      4/02
Shirley Smith                  7/22
Theodore Salas              7/09
Teresa Macias               11/13
Morgan Summerfield       5/16
Burtail Banks                            
Rhonda Gould               4/26
Roy Fleming                   6/08
Virginia Stovall              6/03
Elizabeth Carreon          4/20
Arthur McClure             1/06
Angela Vigil                      10/01
Grisell  Algarin                3/02
Isaac Guss                         7/27
Catherine Paradise                       
Ruth Smith                                   
Timothy Quirk                    1/25 
Jesse Losano                       1/27
Devett Johnson                   8/18
Ladetra Bowers                 7/08
Linh Nugyen                    11/01
Richard Pfenning            11/22
Mike Martinez                 9/25
Brian Mickley                   9/16
Judy Reneau                     5/02
Robert Vasquez              9/13
Brian Medina                         
Alejandra Guzman                    
Mario Arellano                  9/11
Adeline Hermosillo            10/17
Ronald Thompson            12/09
Andrew Lurie                    12/19
Dylan Kent                        3/19
Phung Vu                         11/26
   Kendra Laird                              
         Edward Fajardo            3/27        
Vivian Brumley                          
Jessie Duran                        5/28 
Nancy Stucky                     8/26 
Danellina Comacho                     
Maria Perez                  
John Kllunder                  12/15
Bernadette Montoya        2/16
I. Medina                                   
Louis Gonzales                  6/15
Shelly Manzanares                   
Timothy Reneau                         
Randy Rippeth                        4/15   

plus New License Plate Numbers :  

963PAR,  508SYL, 565WNF/WVF (red suv)   
879YTX,   647JJG,   023YPO,    
751537K,   713WBE,   415VRT,   
138SXV/SXZ,   123SVR,   10693XS,
104WLG,   296RJF,   645SYR,      
045NYR, 078WDH, 4YZDS(Texas)
073TZT,   534VWF,   415VRT,
556URG, 179FLO/FLD,
097WNA, 344DTX(yellow),   861RDK,
327DXX,   944LJH(truck), 375OJZ (yellow jeep)

October 7, 2016

To DEA, ATF, U.S. Marshall,  The U.S. Attorney, To FBI and To Homeland Security,  

(in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, New Orleans, and Denver)

What is Colorado "doing" trying to have "showbusiness"?   What are Colorado Criminals "doing" making "offers" for jobs/deals/money using the names of entertainers  that they don't "contractually represent" (and using the names of  "entertainment industry companies" that they are not "employed" at ?).  I, Renee Ashley Baker, believe, it's called "a shakedown" (called "extortion of a motion picture payroll" aka "padding" a motion picture payroll  aka "extortion of a motion picture producer" aka "extortion of a TV network" and "extortion of a music recording company").   I, Renee Ashley Baker, have no intention of "accepting" these "illegal offers" nor will I, Renee Ashley Baker,  "propose" such "illegal offers" to "entertainers" to "entertainers agents/management" nor to "motion picture studios" NOR  to "TV networks".    

Charlize Theron will "go to jail" and wear an "orange jumpsuit" if Colorado Criminals "persist" in "coercing/duressing" me to "work with"--set up a job for-- Charlize Theron. A "Cease and Desist" letter will be sent to Charlize Theron, to Charlize Theron's agents/managers, to ICM to CBS Network, to Universal Studios , 

1.  Phone Records should be obtained for the "vehicle owners below".  

2.  Vehicles below have been added for IDENTIFICATION ( and investigation)  because Colorado's "poor"  won't stop trying to COERCE/EXTORT money from the "entertainment industry"....!!!

New Vehicles Added Below ---October 7, 2016

RE: Suspected Dope Runners, Drug Traffickers, Gang Members, Extortionists, Organized Crime and Sex Offenders   

These "Perps" have harassed/duressed me about certain "entertainers" until I became "sick" and had to go to the FBI.  (I, Renee Ashley Baker, filed a complaint with the U.S. Justice Department that named CBS Network and 8-10 others).

CO/LIC  QEZ 967  (Black Suv)

September 22, 2016

ADDENDUM  (September 19, 2016)

Re:  Mexicans "dwelling" in the United States....

Re: What a "sick Mexican" in Colorado keeps trying to do. 

For some "reason" Mexicans (in Colorado) are trying to tell me (Renee Ashley Baker) who I, Renee Ashley Baker, am and how I, Renee Ashley Baker, am to be so that they--Mexicans-- will "buy".  Can you believe this Mexican bullsh--t ?  This,  is why I, Renee Ashley Baker, don't want Mexicans to buy; (Mexicans have to keep their "poor" "low cultured coins" in their Mexican pockets). 
2.   I, Renee Ashley Baker, am a "ballet diva" who was born in  St. Louis Missouri (as my Mother--Lady Irma/Erma--paid for my classical ballet lessons--and as  I, Renee Ashley Baker danced "en pointe" at the age of 9).  I, Renee Ashley Baker, have already said (numerous times) that I, Renee Ashley Baker,  don't want to get "low enough" for Mexicans to take "interest in me".  If Mexicans take an "interest in me" then that must mean that I, Renee Ashley Baker,  have fallen "beneath" the "standards" of White America. 
3.   So, this "fat Mexican" working in the Denver  "Care" offices is playing some stupid "wet back game" telling me what she has and hasn't "made me".  (What ?)  Mexicans can't make Renee Ashley Baker.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, am a "grown woman" and I, Renee Ashey Baker, have made myself. 
(Actually, I, Renee Ashley Baker, believe that it takes a "MAN" to make a "WOMAN"). 

4.   These "mestizo indians" (Mexicans) in Colorado need to "stay in their poor place".  I, Renee Ashley Baker, grew up in my Mother's "bourgoisie mini-mansion" in St. Louis Missouri surrounded by the  "wealthy German Jews" of St. Louis...And these "wealthy Jews" never "dared" tell me what to do.  (Athough I, Renee Ashley Baker, consider myself "Jewish" and not Italian or Middle Eastern like Mexicans/Juarez/Tijuana keep trying to "do crooked business with".... I, Renee Ashley Baker, went to --studied at--the University of Denver.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, got "A's" in French.

(Mexicans are not White !!!)


September 19, 2016  (Part 2)

To U.S. Justice Department

To Los Angeles Times, To New York Times, To Worldwide Media/Press:

Denver city employees --meaning Denver "security guards" at Care (and at other city government places) keep "bragging" about having "murdered" a certain person.  And-- for this reason, not one--NOT ONE--of those "entertainers" Colorado is "naming" and "coercing" "business and projects" for will ever be allowed on Renee Ashley Baker's "social media posts" nor will they allowed inside Renee Ashley Baker's homes/condos (nor will they be allowed to do any business--entertainment/fashion or otherwise-- with Renee Ashley Baker ).  No to Jada Pinkett's TV Show....

(Colorado Criminals  keep "coercing" for Jada Pinkett so Jada Pinkett needs to "go to prison" too....)


Confucious Say:
" That Which You Have Been Trying To Steal....You Cannot Buy "
September 22, 2016 

To  The Worldwide Media & Public:

Denver/Aurora/Englewood Colorado is one big  "cowtown" that is "making money" off of "it's poor"  and off of the "drug industry" (both legal marijuana dispenseries and illegal "drug cartels" such as the Medellin Drug Cartel which--I was told --"still has Colorado".....!!!).  Blacks long moved away from the "poor areas" and left Denver/Aurora/Englewood to "the Mexicans".  I have "no idea" what Mexicans and what "the poor" keep bothering me for.  (I have no plans to "be in business" for Mexicans and for "the poor".  I've decided to "reside in New York City" --and in France--where I, Renee Ashley Baker, will run a "design company" (that will sell through Neiman Marcus stores and be 70% owned by the Wertheimers) and run a "champagne cocktail company" ("Champagne Socialite") hopefully through the Rothschilds. 

 Below areas in Colorado where "Blacks" moved to  (namely Centennial and Castle Rock).

Centennial Colorado Housing Developments

Castle Rock Housing Developments


To Municipal and Federal Law Enforcement (Nationwide) 

RE: Suspected Dope Runners, Drug Traffickers, Gang Members, Extortionists, Organized Crime and Sex Offenders   These "Perps" have harassed/duressed me about certain "entertainers" until I became "sick" and had to go to the FBI.  (I, Renee Ashley Baker, filed a complaint with the U.S. Justice Department that named CBS Network and 8-10 others).

  1.  I Don't Want Mexicans To Buy....
       2.  Cease and Desist:  Because of the "employees" at Denver "Care" offices....A "Cease and Desist" Letter will be sent to William Morris and to ICM (and to Beyonce Knowles, to Jay-Z,  to Sean P. Diddy Combs)....
        3.  I, Renee Ashley Baker am "tired" of Colorado's Mexican/Juarez /Poor Women/Crip/Blood Shakedown....

September 16, 2016   

To The F.B.I. and To The U.S. Attorney 

 To The Worldwide Media & Public:

I will be filing a "criminal complaint" against those who work at the Denver "Care" offices).  Because  these "Care" employees 

1.   keep being "sex offenders" 

2.  keep coercing work for Beyonce Knowles" and 

3.  keep  threatening to "delete" my "zazzle" account .  

Beyonce is a "Dog" who I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not "let" sing any of the Renee Ashley Bak

August 15, 2016

To The F.B.I. (and other Law Enforcment Agencies):

    This Colorado (Juarez/Mexican, Black Crip, Black Blood, Italian/Organized Crime) "shakedown" "extortion" RING (operating here in Colorado) has made me "sick" and I, Renee Ashley Baker, went to the F.B.I. and to the U.S. Justice Department and I, Renee Ashley Baker filed a "criminal complaint".  I, Renee Ashley Baker, am "expecting" an already-agreed- upon "out of court civil settlement" (of $90 million to $140 million dollars) for "physical damages".

  2.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not--NOT--be returning to Los Angeles California (I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be residing in New York City--at 50 United Nations Plaza-- and then I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be moving to France permanently (to become a citizen of France).

3.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, don't like sports and I, Renee Ashley Baker, don't date athletes.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, like rich, Jewish, billionaires and millioniares. 

4.   Also,  I, Renee Ashley Baker, don't want that "poor assed hobo/Mexican/Crip/Blood "sable coat" that Colorado has been trying to hand to somebody.....since 2003 !!!  Colorado needs to throw that "dirty Sable coat" in the toilet where it belongs.....

(When I, Renee Ashley Baker, arrive back in New York City I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be purchasing myself a $100,000 Chinchilla coat....from Neiman Marcus store in New York).

5.  The employees in the Denver "Care" office need to be "prosecuted" for coercion too.  They keep coercing for every name I've put on my "NO List" (this includes verbally  bothering me about Donald Trump and about  the Denver "Crips" --and about Denver "Crips" athletes --having "bought" (bought ?) my ReneeAB9 Zazzle tennis shoe.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, have already stated (numerous times) that my ReneeAB9 "tennis shoe designs" are not--NOT--to be promoted by "sports figures" .  I, Renee Ashley Baker,  thought I said, No to "athlete endorsements". (!!!)

   (The U.S. Justice Department should know that certain "areas" of Denver belong to The Crips and that I've been harassed in businesses like Jack In The Box which are--I've learned-- located in "Crip" areas....).

6.  above, license plate numbers of "Suspects"; meaning license plate numbers of "criminals" who have been trying to coerce/extort/shakedown the entertainment industry (executives and celebrities) for jobs and MONEY !!!