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NEW NAMES ADDED TO SUSPECT LIST BELOW.....plus....January 21, 2017 plus.... "Entertainment Industry" Fight "Criminal Colorado"....


   I don't care about the "women's march" because "women" will never have "power" until White Men hand it to them.  Women thought they were going to "beaugard" Hillary Clinton through but White Men stopped it---they voted !!!  Anyway, they (WOMEN) are trying to "bully the men of the movie industry" and I want the "movie industry" MEN to be warned.  (Some of the "creeps" are trying to give Melania Trump "power" that SHE isn't supposed to have. I'm expecting some to try "twitter wars" with Melania to "sell products"....Just Wait !!! )

  I DO respect the "real" power girls of show business (Barbra, Goldie, Sherry ) but I have "no projects" for Goldie, nor for Barbara, nor for Madonna nor for Faye Dunaway nor for Sherry.  Do be aware that there is some "new crap" coming after the "entertainment industry" coffers and don't say I didn't warn you !  READ ON !!! 

January 21, 2017 (Saturday) 
To The Worldwide Press/Public:
I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not—NOT—work in the “entertainment industry” (not movies and not music) until 2025.  At that time I, Renee Ashley Baker, will sign one “exclusive contract” with Walt Disney Corporation (that will “exclude” ABC Network).

2. re: Not Melania:
I, Renee Ashley Baker will “work for” The New York Times but I, Renee Ashley Baker will  not—not—cover the White House.  (I, Renee Ashley Baker, don’t want to “cover Melania Trump” and I, Renee Ashley Baker, don’t want to “cover President Donald Trump’s “presidency”.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “cover” DATE NIGHT NEW YORK CITY for The New York Times.  Meaning, I, Renee Ashley Baker, have MEN to “wine and dine” and “date” in New York City).

 3. re: No to Oprah Winfrey
If it’s “No” to Melania it is “NO” to Oprah Winfrey too.  (I, Renee Ashley Baker, have “no plans” to meet with Oprah Winfrey nor with Melania Trump).

 4. I, Renee Ashley Baker, am going to let public know who Renee Ashley Baker is.  Renee Ashley Baker is going to “stay without Gale/Gail/Gayle. Without Gail Winfrey, without Gayle King (who I still cannot stand) and without Gale Hurd too.

5.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “reside at 50 United Nations Plaza for a year then I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “move to France” (to the French Riviera) where I, Renee Ashley Baker, will become a “citizen” of France….(I, Renee Ashley Baker, will get to “meet” and hopefully “dine with” the Presidents, the Aristocracy and the Royalty of Europe.  (I, Renee Ashley Baker, want to “visit” the Palaces of Europe and see “more” gold leaf wallpaper like the wallpaper my Mother Lady Irma/Erma had in her “mini-mansion” in St. Louis Missouri.

 6.  re: France

In France, I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “launch” CP Industries, Erma French Perfume and Design, Celtic Lion/Manley Man Menswear, Digital WallPaper Activewear, ReneeAB9 Housewares for Roche Bobois, and “Champagne Socialite Cocktails. Hopefully these companies will be “launched” with the help of The Wertheimers and The Rothschilds.

7. re: TEF

I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “launch” TEF/The Erma Foundation in New York City as an “international foundation”.

8. Renee Ashley Baker’s answer will remain “NO” to anything and to everything that Colorado is “offering” (aka COERCING and DURESSING).

 9. Re: $90 million- $140 million :

 I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be “getting” a $90 million-$140 million dollar settlement via the U.S. Justice Dept. Although Donald Trump was Nixon’s “choice” I am certain that Donald Trump will not—NOT—do as “Nixon” did and “obstruct” justice in any case previously “accepted” by the U.S. Attorney’s office. (I decided to “leave Donald Trump ALONE when Colorado’s criminals –meaning poor Mexicans and poor “blue collar” began “threatening me” to “go get money from Donald Trump for “that” Colorado Entertainment Company that I, Renee Ashley Baker, have thrown in the TOILET….)

10.  No to "Dana":
Dana is DOG who’ll “go to jail” (This means both Dana Sims and Dana (Latifah). No to David Geffen and No to David Geffen’s “yacht”. No to Mexicans, No to Mexico,  No to Cuba, No to Venezuala, No to Brazil, No to Columbia, and No to Spain too. No to Universal and No to NBC (I, Renee Ashley Baker, can’t stand Hoda Kotb either).  No to Paramount, No to Showtime, and No to CBS Network.

11.  No to Broadway (in NYC). NO to Madonna (in NYC). No to Sharon Stone, No to Jodie Foster, No to Angelina Jolie. (No to Charlize Theron, No to Julia Roberts, No to Susan Sarandon, No to Glenn Close).   No to Beyonce, No to Rihanna.  No to Nicki Manaj, No to Blac Chyna, No to “The Kardashians”.  No to Football.  No to Jay-Z's Tidal Music.  No to Sean P. Diddy. No to Chris Brown.  No to Chris Tucker. No to Ice T, No to Ice Cube, No to Ludacrus.  NO No No to all I've previously said "NO" to.

 January 20, 2017

 To: DEA, ATF, other Federal Law Enforcement, Municipal Law Enforcement (LAPD ), Newspaper Journalists, and Entertainment Company “security personel”.                   
 Below is a “list” of names of those “suspects” who are “suspected” of  “continuous” “dope running”,  stalking, intimidation of a witness, sexual harassment and  “extortion”  and “coercion”  of “several entertainment companies”  “talent agents”  “talent managers”  “record labels”   “TV Networks” and “California based movie studios”…. (Also known As Interstate Extortion under the RICO/Racketeering Act.)
                                             page 1


Update to Suspect List


(August Birthdays)











(August or September Birthdays)

Anne A

Clarence A

Sylvia B

David B

Shengquan C

Jeffrey C

Roy D

Michael R

Robert V

William E

Sharon F

Paula G

Rita H

Miguel H

James H

Thomas M

Donald S

Phung V

Barbara W

Pamela Y

(October Birthdays)

Imogene C

Edna H

Teresa L

Angela M

Ernesto M

Jennie R

Rita S

Ronald T

Stella T

Richard T

James W

Florence W

(December Birthdays)

Rita A

Bebhinn B

Danielina C

Casimera C

Lucille D

Alexander E

Jami F

Steven H

Walter J

Andrew L

Elmer M

Mariaelne M

Carol N

Carole V

Daniel Y

(January Birthdays 2017)

Viola A

Kathryn G

Susan H

Mary H

Connie J

Dan L

Jesse L

Arthur M

John M

Tomothy Q
January Date of Birth
Arthur  McClure      01/06
John Mills           01/07
Mary Lou Holley      01/10
Cheri Leah           01/21
Duaine Smith         01/25
Timothy Quirk        01/25
Arthur Frankel       01/26
Jesse Losano         01/27
Susan Hirt           01/30
Nancy Chappel        01/31
Raven Richardson     01/31
February Date of Birth
Michael Gugel        02/01
Clorinda Herrera     02/02
Ronald Neubert       02/02
David Martinez       02/02
David Rael           02/03
J Wayne Brazeal      02/05
Vivian Brumley       02/06
Jacqueline Sutton    02/08
Guadalup Rivera      02/10
Cindy Lopez          02/17
Denise Saiz          02/19
Denise Hyberg        02/20
Cecilia Cuevas Ramos 02/21
Betty Holmes         02/22
Christine Porter        02/24
Joe Martinez            02/27
Debra Lowe              02/27 March Date of Birth
Duane Bodenhemier       03/02
Grisell Algarin         03/02
Edward Jones            03/04
Lori Jasper             03/05
Sum Duong               03/05
Janet McKenzie          03/06
Diane Gibson            03/06
Gerald Sales            03/08
Elmer Romero Jr         03/09
Carlos Madera           03/15
Pearl Ironshell         03/16
Marian Crist            03/18
Dylan Kent              03/19
Sharon Price            03/20
Ruben Rodriguez         03/24
Patrik Strasko          03/26
Edward Fajardo          03/27
Samuel Allen            03/29
April Date of Birth
James Harris            04/01
Sharon Wheeler          04/05
Eleanor Darlington      04/14
Randy Rippeth           04/15
Thomas Worley           04/18 Carol Schmidt           04/21
Fredrick Poole          04/21
Dong Nguyen             04/24
Joanna Hurd             04/26
David Bishop            04/26
Rhonda Gould            04/26
Adriana Ortega          04/30
May Date of Birth
Margaret Koenig         05/02
Judy Reneau             05/02
Lois Roh                05/04
Mark Flores             05/15
Morgan Summerfield      05/16
Ritz Gonzales           05/22
Alfred Lorek            05/28
Madeline Genest         05/28
Jessie Duran             05/28
Tammy Goetzfried         05/30
Ann Yragui               05/31
June Date of Birth
Frank Deherrera          06/03
Pamela Sherman           06/05
Roy Fleming              06/08
Eli Barcelon             06/10
Patsy Powers             06/12
Trevor Young             06/13
Robert Shaffer           06/13
Louis Gonzales           06/15
Debie Torres               06/17
Andrea Tuchawena           06/23
John Lazado                06/27
July Date of Birth
Dennis Benabedes            07/03
David Nye                   07/06
Ethel Oestereick            07/08
Ladetra Bowers              07/08
Cheryl Tamm                 07/09
Theodore Salas              07/09
Margaret Lane               07/12
Jonathan Jacob              07/13
James Taylor                07/13
Kathy Geary                 07/14
Antonio Estrada             07/17
Carey Carpenter             07/22
Shirley Smith               07/22
Isaac Guss                  07/27
Catherine Alexander         07/30
August Date of Birth
Karen Ellis                  08/01
Stephan Thomas               08/02
Hildred Waloke               08/02
Bernice Nordyke              08/07
Mary Giles                   08/08
Phuong Nguyen                08/12
Carol Jacobson               08/13
Calvin Coleman               08/17
Devett Johnson                08/18
Lucy Munoz                    08/22
Vivian Strayer                08/22
Craig Shipkey                 08/24
Leonard Gonzales              08/26
September Date of Birth
Dorothy Ewalt                  09/01
David Breiting                 09/03
Bobby Cogar                    09/03
D Harris                       09/03
Quing Zheng                    09/04
Sharon Findell                 09/05
Barbara Wyckoff                09/07
Rita Hackworth                 09/10
Mario Arellano                 09/11
Robert Vasquez                 09/13
Elnor Long***                  09/15
Brian Mickley                  09/16
William Egbert                 09/17
Joyce Marshall                 09/20
Pamela Young                   09/22
Sylvia Begay                   09/25
Michael Martinez               09/25
Luella Houser                  09/26
Donald Schneider               09/26
Anne Allee                     09/28
James Cook                     09/29 
 October Date of Birth
Celina Guerrero                    10/01
Angela Vigil                       10/01
Edna Housley                       10/03
Teresa Liu                         10/06
Florence Wolff                     10/06
Rita Sandoval                      10/07
Stella Thompson                    10/07
Jennie Rodriguez                   10/09
John Walker                        10/09
Ray Casias                          10/11
Anthony Hines                       10/12
Richard Torres                      10/13
Adeline Hermosillo                  10/17
James Watford                       10/24
Laureen Mitchell                    10/25
Angela Martinez                     10/28 Marie Reynolds                      10/29
Noember Date of Birth
Linh Nguyen                          11/01
Ruth Abrams                          11/06
Douglas Moore                        11/07
Andrea Chavez                        11/09
Cindy Peters                         11/10
Jane Wales                           11/13
Sharon Cypher                        11/13
Teresa Macias                        11/13
Earl Medina                          11/13 John Mullen                            11/18
June Bagby                             11/18
Fernando Urteaga***                    11/18
Elizabeth Trujillo                     11/18
Linda Gonzales                         11/20
Audrey Clark                           11/20
Richard Pfenning                       11/22
Barbara Stumpo                         11/23
Verna Brown                            11/24
Sandra Gonzales                        11/24
Hung Vu                                11/26
Geneva Mitchell                        11/28
Thomas Jones                           11/29 
December Date of Birth
Walter Johns***                        12/03
Alexander Estrada***                   12/03
Daniel Abeyta                          12/07
Ronald Thompson                        12/09
Lucille Dater                          12/18
Steven Huey                             12/18
Clea Miller                             12/18
Stephanie Potter                        12/18
Andrew Lurie                            12/19
Carole Veith***                         12/21
Rita Abeyta                             12/23
Joe Duran                               12/24
Marielena Mroczko                       12/29
Elmer Marsh                             12/29

Carol Newcomb                             12/30

Jami Florida                               12/30


***Definite I.D. "Suspects"      







Tuesday, January 10, 2017


January 17, 2017

re:  "Tagging" ?

  There is something I don't like and I think the "publicists" for certain "talents" should take note.  It looks like some of the "Black" lesser talents are keeping a "vigil" on the more talented "white entertainers" so as to "cover" , "block" "usurp" these "white stars"  "image" and their "talent".  I can't find a Twitter photo of Taylor Swift that isn't "attached to" R&B and Rap Nickki Manaj, Rihanna, Beyoncé etc etc etc.  This, is why Taylor Swift can't get a "movie career going".  She has no "image"--does she ?  This, thankfully,  isn't being done to Paris Hilton nor is it being done to Madonna nor to Paris Jackson.  
P.S.  And, me (and the U.S. Justice Dept) had better not see my "Twitter" posts being "tagged" or "stalked".....  If, I, Renee Ashley Baker, have to be "bothered" by "my competitors' names" then my answer to these "competitors" will always be NO !!!

January 16, 2017 (Martin Luther King Day)

  To The The Worldwide Press/Media:

I, Renee Ashley Baker, grew up in my Mother's "mini mansion" in St. Louis Missouri in which my Mother had every finery (lace table cloths, sterling silver trays, and three tiered crystal trays and candy dishes.  "Poor" Colorado is going to STOP or "go to prison".  p.s. My Mother (Lady Irma/Erma) had her "finery" without Gale/Gail/Gayle and I, Renee Ashley Baker, will have my "finery" without Gale/Gail/Gayle.

Below: NYC 50 United Nations Plaza CP Irrevocable Trust Condo....

January 14, 2017  (Saturday)

To U.S. Senate Investigative Committeee (On Organized Crime) :

The "Person" (wearing the boots) in the video above  got on the bus (in downtown Denver) and began verbally "coercing/extorting" for Latifah.  This "Person" also began saying "still Williams".  What Williams ?  I don't know and anybody named "Williams" and this is the second time this month that I, Renee Ashley Baker, have been "coerced" for the name "Williams".  It better not be Serena or Venus Williams because "Williams" (and Latifah) will both "go to prison".  (The RTD  bus "audio tape" is available to Federal Prosecutors).   

The "Person" in the video above first "implied" that she worked for the Federal Government but then "admitted" to the bus driver that she is a "researcher".  (For the Denver Public Library ?).  Renee Ashley Baker's "answer" will remain "NO" to all of Colorado's offers !!! 


 Because of Colorado....I  won't....

 (No to Pitbull and No to Latifah because Colorado is still trying to "set appointments" using "duress"....)

STORY  1:   http://www.therichest.com/rich-list/most-shocking/15-celebrities-you-didnt-know-have-links-to-gangs/

STORY  2:    http://www.answers.com/Q/List_of_Rappers_with_criminal_gang_affiliations

re: CP IRREVOCABLE TRUST....$90 Million ( via U.S. Justice Department )

                         January 10, 2017

                        To: Worldwide Press & Public:

                        $90 million out of court settlement (via D.O.J.)
                       -10 million (for NYC Condo / 50 U.N. Plaza)
                          80  million
                         -10 million (for Houses in Hyannisport & France)
                          70   million
                        -  3   million (for TEF/The Erma Foundation)
                         67   million
                        - 1   million  (for TEF Chair to Harvard U Med/Law)
                       66  million
                      - 1   million  (for CP Industries  France Offices 
                       65  million
                     -14  million (for SEP Acct at Rothschild Bank)
                     51  million 
                    - 1  million  (for STIPEND pay to Renee Ashley Baker)
                 $50  million  (in CD's at Rothschild Bank/Stipend of $1 Million Dollars per year for 50 years to Renee Ashley Baker).

*  CP Irrevocable Trust has $90 million dollars and two (2) "Beneficiaries" (which are Renee Ashley Baker and CP).

Friday, January 06, 2017

January 8, 2016....Let's Move On To The Next Highest Court plus CODIS (The Connecticut River Valley Murders ?)

January 8, 2016 (for Sunday)

To The FBI , To the U.S. Justice Department and To The Worldwide Press/Public:

re: ReneeAB9 (On Zazzle) and Still "NO" to ALL....
(Meaning that Gale/Gayle/Gail has to "stay away" too).

As stated below ReneeAB9 (on Zazzle)  belongs to CP Irrevocable Trust  and to CP Industries and is to be sold, hopefully 70% to The Wertheimers (And to be sold exclusively through Neiman Marcus--not Saks. And through Roche Bobois.)  The reason I, Renee Ashley Baker "threw that entertainment company in the toilet" is because Gale/Gayle/Gail, Mexicans, Blacks, Italian Mobsters,  and Colorado Criminals were all "trying" to "have too " and "do too".  I , Renee Ashley Baker, will not allow any of this "Crap" to own/use/have "do too" CP Industries.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will fight the "entertainment industry" so that it leaves CP Industries alone (I, Renee Ashley Baker, will "fight" ORGANIZED CRIME too....).

  Renee Ashley Baker dba Erma French Perfume and Design

  P.S. Still "NO" to CBS as I, Renee Ashley Baker, have filed a complaint with the U.S. Justice Dept naming CBS Network, ICM, Universal, MCA, Decca, and 7 others.


  To Renee Ashley Baker's Case:  I, Renee Ashley Baker, have contacted Los Angeles Law Enforcement with important information about Colorado.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, plan to use the Estelle and Daniel Maggin Department of Neurology at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York. City. 

(above witness Tony Bryant.....)

I'd like to see more "Kennedy" money put into:

1. Doing a "CODIS" check for Moxley "evidence"  DNA .
2.  Looking into past "serial killer" cases to see if any "serial killers" were in Greenwich during the time of the Moxley murder. 
3.  Investigation into the "Black" male  suspects.
4.  Offer of a $100,000 reward for info leading to the "arrest and conviction" etc etc etc.



Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Completed---January 5, 2017 ($90 Million Dollar Settlement)

January 5, 2017

To U.S. Justice Department and To The F.B.I.


As I, Renee Ashley Baker, have "documented" (as part of my "written statement" to the U.S. Attorney) I, Renee Ashley Baker,  have been "coerced" (verbally) to "do business with" the Saks Department Stores although I have expressed that I do NOT wish to "do business with" Saks Department stores. As I've previously stated my plan is to sign a contract with Neiman Marcus stores to have  Neiman Marcus stores (exclusively) carry Erma French Perfume and Design which is--Manly Man/Celtic Lion Menswear, Digital Wallpaper Activewear, and all other designs "designed by" Renee Ashley Baker for ReneeAB9 (on Zazzle).  Once my deal has been signed with Neiman Marcus store my Zazzle Store will be "discontinued" (although I may "design" a collection especially for Zazzle in a price range much lower than my Neiman Marcus line....).

2.  DISCLOSURE:  There has been "no contract" signed at this time between designer Renee Ashley Baker (dba Erma French Perfume and Design ) and The Wertheimers, The Rothschilds, Neiman Marcus and Roche Bobois although--I, Renee Ashley Baker, will be "seeking" to sign such contracts once I, Renee Ashley Baker, arrive in New York City.


re: NO to ICM

  Because I, Renee Ashley Baker,  was "duressed" and "coerced"(by some Colorado Criminals)  to use/hire all of Dana (ICM's) clients,  Renee Ashley Baker's answer is still  "NO" to Dana and NO to ICM.  (By the way everybody residing in Denver knew all of this "criminality" was happening to me but for years "nobody" --not lawyer nor law enforcement-- tried to STOP IT !!! )
    I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not--NOT--be paying the debts (nor the bills) of Kanye West, nor Tyga nor those of 50 Cent. (and NO to "the Jacksons")

NOW....ON TO ....THE NEW YEAR (2017): 

 To The F.B.I. and To The U.S. Justice Department

  (And To the Worldwide Press/Public)

I am confident that this year Colorado is going to “finally STOP” trying to have a business with Renee Ashley Baker.   I, Renee Ashley Baker, was born in Missouri (NOT IN COLORADO).  And even if I, Renee Ashley Baker,  had been born in Colorado why does Colorado think it’s “entitled” to have a “share”  a “piece” of Renee Ashley Baker.  Is it The Mob ?    Is it the Crips ?    Is it the Mexican/Tijuana/Juarez  drug cartels (Seneloa or Medillien ?)  Is it that old Colorado crook “Soapy Smith” ?   Colorado will have to find someone “other” than Renee Ashley Baker to “FRONT” it’s combo  “production company” / “movie studio” / “entertainment company”.  Colorado will have to find someone else to “go get money” from Netflix and Universal and CBS Network as I, Renee Ashley Baker, do not want Netflix, Universal, nor CBS  to “finance” any Renee Ashley Baker projects.

 BACK STORY :  ABC News  is about to do a story on the Menendez Brothers; it was “rumored”—back when I resided in Los Angeles—that the “father” (a movie producer) was actually “fronting for the Mexican Mob” (?????).

2.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, do not—NOT—want to be told what “products” to “promote” or what “entertainers/actors/singers” to do business with.

3.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, do not—NOT—want to be told which “coast” to live on (I, Renee Ashley Baker, “choose” New York and NOT CALIFORNIA).


4.   A few years back a Man--in Denver Colorado-- who I do not know “accosted” me and told me to stop-STOP-telling them not to.  (On this Blog I have been telling American business owners to not—NOT—locate their businesses in Mexico).  This man drove off before I could “curse him out”.

 5.  My Fear:  My fear is that a lot of businesses in Mexico are owned by El Chapo’s “drug cartel” (or the rival drug cartel) and that it is the “drug cartel” who’ll “shake down” these American businesses.  My fear is that The Mexicans  will be doing in Mexico what they are doing here in Colorado; walking around talking about how they are going to “buy” once the “product/project” is to their liking.  My fear is that The Mexicans will then start telling the business owner who to “hire” in what position, who to “hire” for what service (meaning which Ad Agency to use, which PR Agency to use, which Accounting Firm to use etc etc etc)  and where the business owner is to put his money (meaning which BANK !!!).  Is this “peasants” running Big Business or “thugs” who have actually threatened to do “physical HARM” if the Business Owner doesn’t do what they say ? 


6.   About 3-4 years ago I was sitting –like always—in the Englewood Civic Center building (waiting for the public library to open) when a “poor Mexican woman” came in (there were only the two of us in the building at the time) and told me that I had to buy two (not one) Chinchilla coats from Donald Basso because Donald Basso’s New York furs “came through” Mexico and that they (Mexicans in Mexico) would “soil” (urine) my Donald Basso Chinchilla coat if—if—I only bought just one !!!  (Donald Basso’s company is not the only company Colorado’s Mexicans have been trying to do this with.  Pepsi is being “targeted” to “finance concerts” but for who as I, Renee Ashley Baker, am not—NOT—a Singer !!!   ).


7.   These Colorado Criminals keep trying to make me use/hire a “limousine service” and have told me I’d be “billed” for “limo services” whether or not I’ve actually ordered “limo service” !!! (That they’d actually “illegally” take money out of my bank account to pay for this “limousine service”.  I am not meaning UBER when I say “limousine service”…)


8.   I, Renee Ashley Baker, believe that there is still a “gang war”.  And,  even though I, Renee Ashley Baker, think the “Blood” stars are more talented than the “Crip” stars,  I, Renee Ashley Baker, have decided not to “do business” with either.  (By the way, these so called “gang stars” don’t need Renee Ashley Baker as they can “develop” projects for themselves….Ja Rule has a “production deal” at Paramount (and Chris Brown has a large “fan base” so I’m sure HE can “develop” movie projects for himself)  Although it will be a “big waste of money” if these “Black stars” CAN’T ACT. 


9.  Colorado has never been “sophisticated or savvy” enough to work with the Los Angeles “entertainment industry” (although since 2003—when I got back--Colorado Criminals have been “talking like” and  “acting like” they are  “middle managing” the Los Angeles “entertainment industry”).  Colorado is trying to “retake” (re-swindle) those “entertainers” who have been “swindled” already (such as Goldie Hawn, Leo DiCaprio, Robert DeNiro, Wesley Snipes, Kevin Costner, Kevin Bacon and others who have been profiled on the TV show “AMERICAN GREED”).   


10.   I want to “WARN” the “legitimate” entertainment industry to continue to BEWARE of “swindlers” (like Bernie Madoff) and “con artists” (like Ken Starr).  To beware of “theft rings” that specialize in “art” and “jewels”. 

(Which is why I’m puzzled why anyone would think I’d accept gifts of “diamond jewelry” from Leo DiCaprio an “actor” I’ve never met.  Especially when the “purchase” is being “arranged” through Colorado….!!! )


Renee Ashley Baker (Who is still expecting two “out of court civil settlements” in the amount of $90 million - $140 million dollars).