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August 13, 2017 (Sunday/Monday)

These Archdiocese Housing "Perps" seem to be going "more and more" insane.  (I, the Victim, will be sending a "file" to the Colorado Legislators so that I can meet with them about shutting down Golden Spike Apartments.  (The Fat Mexican holding the "child" is on because she seemed to be "wrongly concerned" about my "banking business" !!!  I do not know this "woman" so I want "Law Enforcement" to have a "heads up" as SUV are often used to "transport drugs" from Mexico....)
I want Law Enforcement and Newspapers to "see" who it is making threats on behalf of  "the entertainment industry" (small letters)....

Crime Website #8: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AuKUWpXvzJXOg1JiRU33ZYZfj9tH

August 11, 2017

 TO  FBI (Los Angeles and New York), LAPD, LA Sheriff's Department, ATF (Denver) DEA (Denver) and

 TO Denver Post and 50 Other U.S. Newspapers (in 50 states).


  I, the Victim, will be "wiping my ass" on all "bills".  (Any bills that I, the Victim, get --for the "entertainment industry"-- are "toilet paper").

 1. The Archdiocese Housing Staff and Employees need to be "investigated" ( and as is shown in  the "DPD 3" video). 

 2.  The "Perps" that I, the Victim, plan to file "criminal charges against" (with Denver Police Department) have "claimed" to be "dope runners" for "35th and Holly". (Really ? )  I, the Victim, have recorded over 1700 "audio and video" (which is LEGAL in Colorado) and I, have selected the first 15  "recordings" for Denver Police Detectives to listen to.  (Archdiocese Housing employee "Sonny" needs to "go to jail" as does "Pam Robles" as does "former employee" Jolene Walkowiak).

 3.  I want to "testify" (before U.S. Congress in Washington DC) about "organized crime" in Colorado (it's always been said that "The Vatican" was run by Italian Mobsters it certainly seems as though the "Mexican Drug Cartels" are "in charge" of Archdiocese Housing of Denver !!!)

  4. I, the Victim, am expecting an "out of court settlement" of at least $90 million dollars from NAVRE ORG pension fund plus $30 million dollars from Archdiocese Housing of Denver. (The $55 million dollar Erin Andrews "sexual stalking" settlement will PREVAIL.... (No to Universal Studios, No to Warner Bros, but maybe I'll sign a contract with "Disney Exclusively" in the year 2025. I, the Victim, will be "moving to New York" because I, hate California  !!!)



DPD 3: (Guilty Of ?):  https://1drv.ms/v/s!AuKUWpXvzJXOg1D_XA4NM56fR9f8

August 2, 2017

To News Media and to Law Enforcement)

Re: COCCA (The Colorado Organized Crime Control Act) 

The TWO "video links" below are for Denver Police Department (DPD), Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), St. Louis Police Department and Atlanta Police Department.  The two "video links" are of all of the "Perps" who need to be "prosecuted" under the COCCA Act.  These "Perps" have "verbally stalked" and "verbally sexually harassed" and cost me both my "health" and my "earnings".
Links Below: 

July 26, 2017

To: Federal Law Enforcement and U.S. Newspapers/Press:

I  have not been posting on the "criminal goings on" at Archdiocese Housing (Golden Spike Apartments) because this "blogger account" --which is mine--was being "tampered with".  Of course, that "pedophile priest " (Archdiocese of Denver) is probably trying to prevent me from "telling authorities" (and the press) what is going on.  Anyway, an Update Below:

2.  Video and Photo.  In the "VIDEO" above is an "Archdiocese Housing Resident" (on the deck of Golden Spike Apartments) making threats.  She is saying that my "relative's house" would be "burned down" if--there is a lawsuit against the Golden Spike Apartment Residents.  In the PHOTO above is another "Archdiocese Housing Resident" (Perp at Golden Spike Apartments) who "verbally coerced and extorted me" (from 2013-2015) and who "looks like the grey haired female" seen going in and out of #1014 (the apartment of the "Male Drug Dealer".  The Perp in the photo could be this "male drug dealer's" customer or "DOPE RUNNER" . 
3.  A "Second Male" (Perp) who resides at Golden Spike Apartment said that "HE" is the "supplier" of the "Male Drug Dealer" in apt 1014.  There has been 1-2 "Meth Labs" discovered operating inside Golden Spike Apartments. (One found by Denver Police Department before Centennial Property Management Owers Ron and Barbara Glander resigned). 
4.  One of the "Golden Spike Apartment Residents" threatened to START ANOTHER FIRE inside Golden Spike Apartments if--IF--I keep "telling on" the Archdiocese Housing Drug  Dealers and Dope Runners.

In the "Video" above the Perp "Stella" can be heard making "threats".  This is only one of 5-20 video/audio recordings (made from 2011- 7/2017) on which "Stella" can be heard making threats and/or coercing/extorting for Universal or for Warner Bros or for ICM.  I, the Victim, will file "criminal complaint" (with the Denver Police Department and maybe LAPD) and will name many; including: Stella, Dean/Doug, Daryl/Darren, Laura/Lara.  I want a "Prosecutor" to "prosecute" under the COCCA  ACT). 

2.  I was threatened, by one of the Archdiocese Housing/Golden Spike Apartment  "Perps" to "take off" (remove) the video of the "white truck".  I told this "Perp" the following: "Go tell the "Bitch" who drives the "white truck" to kiss Renee Ashley Baker's "rich white ass". 


July 12, 2017

To HUD, to Law Enforcement (LAPD) and to Newspapers (in 50 States): 

above video of Randy Rippeth, the crazy “Italian” in Apt 203, and others “verbally coercing” for Universal Studios. One of the Perps who I believe said she is with “Universal” is trying to “run away”.

The Perp in 203 has been seen ROUTINELY “walking out of the gate at 4am or 5am (on Monday mornings) suspected to be “delivering the Meth” after a weekend of “cooking” at the Golden Spike Apartments Meth Lab (or “she” (apt 203) could be delivering the “dope runner money”. This early morning and late night “dope runner activity” going on at Golden Spike Apartments should be “captured” on city HALO street cams. 

Above are “some” of the 200 Residents/Perps that I will be “filing a LAWSUIT against’ for “verbal stalking” “verbal coercion” “verbal extortion” “verbal sexual harassment (these “filthy creeps” continuously say the “C word” and the “P word” which has made me “physically sick”….).  The 200 Residents/Perps are guilty of “aiding and abetting” and “harboring” sex offenders, extortionists, dope runners, and drug dealers (like the one in 1014).  A total of 45 (of the 200) need to be “prosecuted” for crimes they’ve CONTINUOUSLY been committing under the COCCA STATUTE.  (I want STELLA -from Detroit—to go to prison. Stella can be heard on many of the “audio recorded evidence”).



(above "Contractor" talking loudly where hallway Security Cam is RECORDING !!!)

The Archdiocese Housing Mexican Contractor in the above “video” verbally coerced “jobs” -- jobs--through me from the “entertainment industry” –from the “movie industry” and from a “TV Show”).

One of the “hiding Perps” who has “continuously” coerced, extorted, and threatened may be named Michael or Edward (Delgado) and he may be in 510, or 512. Or 410 or 512. This “Perp” has said that he has not been “evicted” by Pam Robles or Archdiocese Housing Office Staff is because he knows “about crooked going on with inventory and knows about other crooked going on by Pam Robles and by Sonny. I don’t want to become “Chicago’s murdered heiress Helen Brach trying to have a “ring” of criminals “prosecuted”. (A Police Officer said that they (the Police) know who has been “verbally stalking” “verbally coercing” “verbally extorting” while “hiding” inside Archdiocese Housing Golden Spike Apartments).

I DEMAND ARCHBISHOP SAMUEL QUILA’S “RESIGNATION” (in addition to “compensatory damages” of $30 Million Dollars and “punitive damages” of $250 Million Dollars).

Below more “videos” of Suspects residing in Archdiocese Housing who have “continuously” COERCED entertainment industry projects and money, EXTORTED entertainment industry projects and money.

I plan to file a lawsuit against the “200 Archdiocese Residents/Perps”. I have “audio recordings” of these Archdiocese Housing “SUSPECTS” extorting, and sexually harassing for Universal Studios, for The Crips, for “dogs” like Julia Roberts and Miley Cyrus. And for “pimps” and “sissies” like Jack Nicholson and Dennis Quaid and for Italian “mobsters” like Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro. . . .

(The Archdiocese Housing residents –in the videos—continuously “verbally claim” to represent Luchessi and Genovese !!!) P.S. Straight Talk Phone Company (and it’s Miami/Mexico owners need to be “investigated” by the F.B.I. !!!)




   Colorado Criminals are trying to have an “entertainment company” (movies, film TV) run by and using a bunch of “dog assed Squaws”.  (Squaws being “women”).  This HOBOS of Colorado, this “blue collar trash” of Colorado and this “too Black skinned for America trash” (Crips ?  Nigeria ?  Jamaica ?) are trying to “force the entertainment industry powers” to let them “shakedown showbusiness, extort showbusiness, and strong arm showbusiness”. 
  There will be NO Jack Nicholson (working with Renee Ashley Baker) and there will be NO Morgan Freeman and NO Samual Jackson and NO Forrest Whitaker, No Idris Elba and NO Tyrese either !!!  I want the MEN WHO RUN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY to put their “foot” and their “piss” on this Colorado “Women Entertainnent”, “Bulldagger Entertainment”, “Black Entertainment” “Mexican Entertainment” CRAP!  
July 9, 2017 

To LAW ENFORCEMENT, TO PROSECUTORS (and To Newspapers) in 50 States:

I guess it has to be a "civil action" (a "civil lawsuit") to get the Archdiocese Housing "Residents" (aka "The Perps") to stop "coercing money and business".  I've already said "NO" to their "conspiracy" to extort "Clairol" corporation and PepsiCo.  Now they're conspiring to "extort" money from L'Oréal Corp.  I, have no interest in signing conracts with L'Oreal, nor with Clairol, nor with PepsiCo.
Nor with Universal Studios, nor with NBC (nor with Miley Cyrus), nor with Decca, nor with Comcast. (NOR with CBS Network, nor with Paramount, nor with Oprah Winfrey, nor with OWN Network, nor with Richard Gere, nor with Dennis Quaid, nor with Jack Nicholson....nor with any others that I've previously said "NO" to !!!

July 6, 2017

To LAW ENFORCEMENT (and to NEWSPAPERS) in 50 States:

The Archdiocese Housing of Denver is still “aiding and abetting” criminality (extortion/coercion) by it’s Residents/Tenants and “aiding and abetting” “verbal sexual harassment” (and other constant noise) by it’s Mexican Contractors.  I still “can’t find” the Hiding Perps who “continue” to “verbally stalk” “verbally sex offend” and “verbally coerce movie projects” for “dope runner clients” (namely Jack Nicholson and Dennis Quaid both of whom I must continue saying “NO” to).

2. Because these Archdiocese Housing of Denver Residents/Tenants (aka Perps) keep using the names of “entertainers” who reside in Los Angeles.  I will probably be seeking the help of Los Angeles “Prosecutors”.

3. I have 1700 “audio recordings” of “verbal coercion, verbal extortion, and verbal sexual harassment” having been committed by Archdiocese Housing of Denver Residents/Tenants.

4. All of this has made me “physically sick” (immobile, brain tired and speech impaired) and has cost me a career and cost me “financial losses” of $30 million dollars a year since 2011.

(Law Enforcement may “recognize” and can I.D. those in Suspect Folder #4 above).




June 29, 2017 (Friday)

To Law Enforcement and Newspapers

I have many "audio and video" recordings of Mexican Archdiocese Housing "Contractors" coercing business and "verbally sex offending" (meaning making inappropriate "sexual comments"). This, is the "sexual stalking" that has been "aided and abetted" by Archdiocese Housing of Denver from March 2016-July 2017.  This "aiding and abetting" by Archdiocese Housing of Denver "Staff" and "Contractors" has "MADE ME SICK" !!!

June 26, 2017 (Monday)

To Law Enforcement and Newspapers:

   Since when do a bunch of “filthy criminals” get to run, boss both Federal and Municipal law enforcement? Colorado seems to have come under the “control” of the Drug Cartels of Juarez and Tijuana. Before I post a new “Reward Website” offering a cash reward for any information leading to the “arrest and conviction” of the “Suspects” I want to find out if any of the “Suspects” (and “Perps”) are KNOWN to DEA, ATF, U.S. Marshal Service, U S Border Patrol, Denver Police Department, LAPD, and L.A. Sheriff’s Department.  The “Perps” are “HIDING” and won’t come out and they are being “harbored” and “aided and abetted” by Archdiocese Housing Staff and by 200 Archdiocese Housing Residents.  These “Hiding Perps’ are GUILTY of “verbal Stalking” “verbal Extortion” “Verbal Coercion” “verbal Duress” “verbal Intimidation” and “verbal Sexual Harassment”. There is a “drug dealer” (in 1014) and Probably at least 10-20 “Dope Runners” who “reside” there. Below is a “link” to “videos” of the SUSPECTS.
(The videos above were made for me by "a friend". This video shows one of the "numerous apartments" (in this Archdiocese Housing Apartment Building) that are "contaminated with ASBESTOS".  There is also a "video" showing the "clean up" of a METH LAB that was discovered in this same Archdiocese Housing Apartment Building !!! )
June 23, 2017




1.  To “File a Civil Lawsuit”

 (1700 Audio Recorded Evidence):

a. Against 200 PERPS/RESIDENTS (for $200 million dollars) for “Verbal Stalking”, “Sexual Harassment” and “Coercion and Extortion” for various Black Entertainers, Mexican Entertainers and “Corporations” (that are headquartered in the State of California).

b. Against former owners NAVRE ORG RAILROAD PENSION FUND and their management Centennial Property Management LLC (aka Ron and Barbara Glander) for $90 million dollars compensatory damages and $180 million dollars punitive damages).

c. Against ARCHDIOCESE HOUSING OF DENVER against ARCHDIOCESE OF DENVER against ARCHBISHOP SAMUAL AQUILA (for $30 million dollars compensatory damages and $250 million dollars punitive damages)for “harboring” and “aiding and abetting” Sex Offenders, Dope Runners, and Extortionists; and for  “Extortion/Coercion by Archdiocese Housing Staff for entertainment industry corporations and entertainers”.

2. To Pursue (through my Lawfirm)“Criminal Charges”.

 (Against 200 Perp/Resident/Suspects and against Archdiocese Housing Staff: Pam Robles, Jolene Walkwiokski, Sonny Gonzales, Joe (from Louisiana) etc)under the COCCA (Colorado Organize Crime Control Act). I’d also like “help” from Non-Federal Prosecutors in Los Angeles (because practically all of the Entertainers and Corporations targeted for the Extortion are headquarted—are based—in Los Angeles).


I am “considering” (CONSIDERING) hiring “Bodyguards” who will make these 45-200 Perps/Residents leave me alone !!!  I am only “CONSIDERING” this option of “fighting fire with fire” and hiring as bodyguards “The Bloods Gang Members” or “Gangster Deciple Gang Members”. 

 4. I will “seek advice” from my Lawyers and from Colorado Legislators but these Perps/Residents--these “filthy creeps” who claim to be “dope runners” and who are “Extorting Money” for entertainers like Latifah, Ludacris, Pitbull, JC Chassez, Tyrese, Idris Elba, Charlize Theron; and who are “Threatening Children”—“Threatening My Relatives” (when I refuse to “go get money” and “pay” who the Archdiocese Housing Perps/Residents are telling me to “pay”).


I am “identifying” the Perps/Residents/Suspects to their “rival” Bloods/Gangster Deciple “gang members” because these “Archdiocese Housing” Perps/Residents/Suspects have threatened to:

a. Send dope runners to an “Adams Street School” and have the “dope runners” speed around the school in their cars and cause injury to a child.

b. Be on (USE) THE “Dark Web” to do “pedophile harm” to children.

c. Shoot up—a “church in St. Louis Missouri” where my relatives children are at. The “Archdiocese Housing” Perps/Residents/Suspects actually mentioned the “South Carolina church shooting”.

6. Back in 2009, 2010, 2011 I told several local police departments about all of the “criminal activity” going on at this “Apartment Building” where the Residents/Perps reside. In 2009, 2010, 2011 I sent letters to Aurora Police Department, to Lakewood Police Department, to Littleton Police Department and to Englewood Police Department.) 

7. One of the “Residents” (in 1014) already “identified himself to me” as having “drug dealer paraphernalia”. And, I was told by the Perps/Resident that another of the Perp/Residents (Stella a Black female on the 10th floor) had gone to another state to “hire” to “obtain” a “Hit Man”).

8. Below is a “link” to a Crime Website offering a REWARD for any information leading to the “arrest or conviction” of any of the 45-200 Archdiocese Housing Perp/Residents (for COCCA crimes outlined above).   

Saturday, June 17, 2017

JUNE 19 2017.....(MONDAY)

June 19, 2017 (Monday)
To The Worldwide Press/Media and To The Public:
1.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, hereby state that I, have never been prescribed pain killers.  I have “never” been prescribed Oxycotin/Oxycodone.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, do not—NOT—want to be “prescribed” Oxycotin/Oxycodone.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, after being “diagnosed” by New York physicians will “accept” for my “right arm” Ibuprofin or Moltrin. (I, Renee Ashley Baker, have not yet been “diagnosed” and still have to be seen by New York Mt. Sinai Hospital “Specialists”….).
2.  I, Renee Ashley Baker, will not—NOT—be meeting with (nor working with) JC Chasez (Backstreet ?). Piss on JC Chasez and Miley Cyrus. Both JC and Miley Cyrus can “go to jail”. (I, Renee Ashley Baker, will only “help” my relatives).
3.  You can read more about the precedent setting “civil damage amounts” set by comedian Tracy Morgan and newscaster Erin Andrews.


June 18, 2017

To DEA, ATF, FBI, US Marshalls, ICE, US Border Patrol, Texas Rangers, Metro Dade Florida Drug Task Force, 19th District Tenessee Drug Task Force, NOLA Police Dept, Homeland Security, All Interested U.S. Attornies, LAPD, and L.A. Sheriff’s Dept. 

This, is what Colorado Criminals are “still” trying to do:

1.  Help (aka “work for”) Italian organized crime .

(I believe the “Colorado Criminals” are trying to have a “gang” of “women criminals” who work with and work for Naples Italy. These “Napoli” are claiming to “represent”--to coerce/extort business-- for Prada, Dolce & Gabbanna, Versace, and Donald Basso. Hobos standing on “Denver street corners” saying the names Prada is “ridiculous” and “sad” but I believe them to be “serious”. (!!!)

2.  Help (aka work for) “Street Gangs” aka The Crips, The Bloods and those “Mexican gangs unknown to me”.

(I believe the “Colorado Criminals” are trying to “shakedown and muscle” entertainers; to “shakedown and muscle” talent agents and talent management; to “shakedown and muscle” movie studios and record labels, and finally to “shakedown and muscle” major corporations who they want to “provide” millions of dollars in “sponsorships”. They keep naming the same “corporations” over and over. Namely: PepsiCo, T-Mobile, Garmin, Dannon, General Mills, Samsung Pay, Nordic Trac and several other corporations.)

3.  Help (aka work for) “Drug Cartels” aka Sinaloa, Medillin, Juarez and the many “cartels” shown on the TV Show “Drugs Inc.”

(I was told—by a “stranger in Denver” --that it is the Medillin Drug Cartel that “still controls” Colorado. I was told by another “stranger in Denver” the the “Crips Street Gang” is BROKE !!!).

4. Help (aka work for) “Poor Colorado Trash” (aka “Poor Blue Collar Trash”) who are trying to “muscle and shakedown” corporations, and “racketeer”.

(One prime example of “typical” Colorado “racketeering” is the case against QUIZNOS CORP OF COLORADO.  This “racketeering” involved “criminal activity” by PepsiCo, Kraft Foods Inc and Tyson Foods Inc. 

The facts:

PepsiCo, Kraft Foods Inc and Tyson Foods Inc. allowed QUIZNOS CORP OF COLORADO to set up a “middleman company” that “gouge” it’s own “Quiznos Franchisees” with high “supplier mark up” after QUIZNOS CORP OF COLORADO had already paid “low supplier prices”. This “scheme” caused thousands of “Quiznos Franchisees” to “file bankruptcy”.  This “scheme” by QUIZNOS CORP OF COLORADO to “make money on supplying it’s Franchisees” (instead of making money at the cash register selling sandwiches !!!).

 Sound familiar ?  Trying to “make money” by “PADDING” the “movie production payroll” instead of making the money at the Box Office -- in the movie Theatre (???). Anyway, in December of 2012 a “civil lawsuit” was filed against QUIZNOS CORP OF COLORADO under the COCCA / Colorado Organized Crime Control Act. (The “Quiznos Franchisees” were the “Plaintiffs” and the words “strong arm” and “sham” were actually used in the lawsuit…!!!).

The Target in 2017:

I believe, the “Colorado Criminals” have “targeted” certain businesses for “Initial Public Offerings”.  Since 2003 I have been “verbally harassed, coerced and duressed” by Colorado Criminals to “go get money” from hedgefunds and investment bankers. (I refused to “go get this money” and of course I will continue to say “NO”).

I believe, the “Colorado Criminals” are targeting “WOMEN’S BUSINESSES” for IPO’s.  I believe these “Colorado Criminals” are targeting: “Marchessa, Fabletica, Goop, Tamara Ovitz new company, Christie Brinkley’s QVC/HSN company, and now Angela Bassets cosmetic company.

I, Renee Ashley Baker, have NO INTEREST in the “women’s businesses” I just named above and I, Renee Ashley Baker will not use, nor buy, nor work for these “women’s businesses”….


(I, Renee Ashley Baker, am also NOT a “singer” (nor concert performer) and I, Renee Ashley Baker, have “no interest in appearing on television”….). There is “no way” I, Renee Ashley Baker, am going to “front” an “entertainment company” after the “Colorado Criminals” have Insulted, Harassed, and Threatened me….However—IF-IF—I, Renee Ashley Baker can, I, Renee Ashley Baker, will “help my relatives” launch their “careers in the entertainment industry”….)


This post is probably the “last time” I’ll be able to tell “Law Enforcement” and “The Media/Newspapers” what “criminal activity” is going on in Colorado (in Denver, Englewood, Aurora and maybe Colorado Springs).  The “last time” because—I will be “filing a lawsuit” and my lawyers will probably temporarily “take down” this Blog.

(All evidence mentioned on this “Blog” (—some 1700 video and audio recordings of Perps “committing crimes” plus evidence of Perps atttempting “I.D. Theft) will be used in my lawsuit against NAVRE ORG PENSION FUND, Centennial Property Management LlC, Archdiocese of Denver and Archdiocese Housing of Denver.)